The Visionary Planner
Expert, Coach, Speaker, Author, Service Professional, Artist?
9 STEP COurse creation System:
effortlessly transform your passions, expertise and creativity into predictable and consistent income!
While making a Positive Impact in the world (and avoiding tech)
Use The Same Step-by-Step System We Used To Build and Launch Multiple 6 Figure Businesses
All following our step-by-step ‘course creation fast-track’ System.
In 30-90 days, imagine having created...
  •  Signature Training Course (Training, PDF Handouts, Videos, Private Learning Portal, Buyer Emails)
  •  Course Marketing Funnel (Emails, Pages, Videos, PDF Handouts) 
  •  12 Weeks of Attention-Grabbing Content (Blog Posts, Videos and Social Media Content)  
  •  A Gorgeous Website, Store & Blog 
  •  Ads (Videos, Text, Tracking, Optimization)
And doing it all with the full support of top consultants, educators, technicians and designers...

Using fill-in-the-blanks templates for EVERYTHING...

And without overwhelm or getting stuck by tech.
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
If you feel like you should stop spinning your wheels...

Just commit to get clear on how to make your business work for you (and create the freedom you deserve).
If You Only Had 1-2 Hours A Day To Build Your Business, Would It Be Helpful To Know Exactly What To Focus On?
Starting an online business (or any for that matter) is a race against time. 

You only have so much time to get things off the ground, pressure from family, pressure to leave your current job,...and just like any start up, you have limited money to fund it or your Vision can die on the vine.

But what if you could hack the time and know exactly what to do with each hour you sit down to work your business? 

What if you have a clear set of blueprints and the operating manual in your hands so you never wasted time, you did things in the right order, and could fast track your business and lifestyle plan?

Have you been attempting to monetize your expertise by building courses, content and funnels?  Or avoiding it, because you had no idea how to get started?

You were hoping for a roadmap of all the technical and tactical things that you need to do to set up your online business the right way?

Were you also hoping for coaching and mentoring to take your Vision for your business and magnify it exponentially, and make it actually happen?

You deserve to effortlessly transform your passions, expertise and creativity into predictable and consistent income!

Even better, this income would deliver the freedom you’re after, lifestyle you deserve and impact to inspire the world.

And you’d be able to get it all, without feeling overwhelmed, stuck or agitated ever again.
  •  If you could clone exactly what we’ve created and proven to work…
  •  Dialing in your message and story (what makes you unique)…
  •  Knowing exactly who your Audience is, and the conversations that hook their attention…
  •  Confidently sharing your library of content on social media that builds your authority…
  •  Crafting an authentic message that is unique to you. 
  •  Never again feeling embarrassed to share your website, because now it’s gorgeous and profitable…
  •  Leading a growing loyal tribe whom you love serving and inspiring. 
  •  Having your courses, products and services consistently generating your dream income…
  •  Working from a place of confidence and ease as multiple streams of income support the lifestyle you envision…
  •  Having courses, membership sites, retreats, immersion experiences and events that make you proud?
Here's a Personal Offer that Expires in...
Join our brand new, step-by-step Fast-Track system (includes coaching and community) where you can build multiple streams of income…simply by taking action today.
Dear Expert, Coach, Speaker, Author, Service Professional, Artist, Seminar Leader, Online Personality:
Hey, Vito La Fata here (co-founder of The Visionary Planner)®...

If you’re like most Visionaries (anyone who sees where things are going and knows there's work to be done; but needs a clear plan to build their Vision so they can make a difference in the world, and get paid to do what they love), you have big dreams but no clear blueprint to achieve them...

You probably feel overwhelmed, struggling and stuck as you attempt to create an online business around your expertise…

And you probably wish there was an easy and fast way to make your dreams happen today…

And that it would be a just what you're wishing for if there was a proven ‘best practices’ system that you simply tap your creativity into, while all the strategy, tech and operations was planned by top business consultants…
  •  Have you been struggling to monetize your expertise?
  •  Do you want to stand out in the market, and gets LOTS of high-paying clients?
  •  Have you been looking for a step-by-step system, plus coaches and a community, to keep you on track and focused?
  •  Wouldn’t it be great to get paid to do what you love as you consistently earn multiple streams of income?
  •  Do you want to be able to work the hours you want, and work anywhere in the world? 
  •  Do you need to create the perfect work / life balance for yourself and your business?
confusion had been your enemy...
Have you tried?
  •  Investing in expensive courses that leave you more confused because it's not a COMPLETE system?  Or you're simply stuck not knowing where to even start?
  •  Invested in seminars that get you fired up, yet never tell you exactly what to take action on?
  •  Hired expensive consultants which make you feel totally dependent on them and feeling helpless?
  •  Been trying to build products, services and content, but gotten limited results?
  •  Subscribed to costly softwares at the wrong times, and then had them burn a hole in your pocket? 
  •  Wasted time focusing on the wrong things, at the wrong time…and have nothing to show for it?
There are a lot of 'build your online business' courses...

Yet only the Online Business Fast-Track Part 1™ gets you fired up to plant your flag in the ground and proudly declare 'it's my time' so you stop letting life (and all the time-sucking busy-work) get in your way. 

Time is precious...will you use it wisely to build business assets that help bring in passive income and relieve your financial stress?

After all, don't you, your loved ones, and all your future clients deserve your business to be built the right way?

We sure think so!
It Wasn’t So Easy…
When I got started online it was a mess and my life was totally upside down.

I had recently lost my house after buying my ex-business partner out of my brick and mortar business, was a $105,000 in debt...and got dumped by my then girlfriend because I was “broke as a joke.”

Fun times, right?

I was burnt out, tired of trading dollars for hours and only getting paid when I stood somewhere and worked.

I knew I could make a larger impact, had a larger Vision for my life and the message I wanted to share with the world.

I had worked in jobs and didn’t find financial freedom or time freedom there,... so I foolishly thought brick and mortar business was the answer for me. 

I built a small business for 9 years and while I loved it, I felt chained to the business and being the travel adventurer I am, my soul was being held down. 

I recognized that brick and mortar just had low margins, was tough on time freedom, and you need a lot of people to run it properly, I think Biggie said it best, “Mo People, Mo Problems.”

I simply wanted more. I wanted better.

It was in 2010 when I discovered the online world and building courses and my life changed.

I put together my first course on my own, didn’t know what I was doing, but I made my first $3000 selling a course after speaking to a room of my industry peers. Life was never the same again.

I began a steady diet of digesting all things about the online world... 
Join the other Visionaries who get paid to do what they love, and make a positive impact!
I went and researched the biggest names in the online space as mentors. People like Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, Ryan Deiss, Dan Kennedy, and more all moved me closer to getting the ‘big picture’ of what I needed to build in order to have consistent and predictable income.

I spent years studying their courses, attending their events, joining their masterminds, and it was great. 

But, I was struggling to get things in the right order. 
Doing Things In The Wrong Order...
Everyone had different ways, different processes, used different tools so it was hard to get things streamlined and figure out how ALL the pieces of running an online business (very different than building one course) fit together... 

I felt like I was chasing tail and things could have been moving faster if I wasn’t jumping from one thing to the next. 
Then one day at a Jeff Walker mastermind, I met Mike L. Murphy (he worked on Lord of the Rings, Ironman, Harry Potter and more...), who was on the other side of world living in Slovenia with his wife, Nastja, who was a pedagog (people who teach people how to teach). 

Mike sat me down and showed me a system of maps he was building of how to streamline building an online business into a series of ‘Building Blocks’ so everything would be clear and easy to operate.  

I swear it felt like I was looking at Lego’s and how they fit together and my brain said, “YES FINALLY!”

Mike is a systems guy, he can take complex things and break them down into steps like no one’s business.  
I Needed To See The 'Big Picture'...
That’s what I needed. 

That was the day (although we didn’t know it) that The Visionary Planner® System was born. 

I signed up to work with Mike and for the next year we rebuilt my brand, fine tuned it, rolled out two 6-figure brands using the VP systems. 

We even got my wife Anna to leverage the VP Systems to build a 6-figure brand! 

 Before we knew it, we started tweaking and improving things as a team, was so collaborative that we said “Let’s do this together!”
This system transforms lives.  Read what a recent student had to say about hitting a major milestone.
The combo of Mike’s step-by-step systems and my no-nonsense high performance coaching were the fit that was like peanut butter and jelly. Meant to be :)

Here we are 4 years later and we’ve launched three more 6-figure brands, I’ve shared stages with mentors like Brendon Burchard, Michelle Obama, Billie Jean King and more.

All because we kept our heads down, worked as a Team, never gave up, so that we could share with you how to build an online business and your personal brand. 

You’ll do this through creating courses that will touch the lives of countless people; and in that contribution help you, the same way we have built the dream lifestyles we want.

The process we share with you came from constant refinement and tweaking to keep working at the VP Systems to bring you the most dialed in, paint-by-numbers system and coaching environment to build your Vision into a sustainable reality.

I share this as I sit here in the garden overlooking my vineyard we planted so that you can breathe in the possibility of where your life can be... 

Transport yourself away from the burnout, the exhaustion, the grind of hoping to get by and one day maybe retire. 

Get Clear To Get Your Freedom!
Instead, tap into VP to craft your Vision, live your dreams NOW and give back to this world. We envision you getting the freedom lifestyle where you…

  •  Have Freedom to Invest and Save Money
  •  Take Vacations When You Want, Where You Want, How You Want
  •  Feel in Control of Your Situation and Future
  •  Live Debt Free
  •  End the Month-to-Month Living
  •  Have the Time to Live More
  •  Are Present and Able with Your Kids
  •  Get Date Nights and Time to Nurture Your Significant Other
  •  Live Well Financially
  •  Have Freedom of Choice
  •  Get More Time to Do the Things You Love
  •  Have Flexibility in Your Schedule
  •  Never Worry about Bills
  •  Sustain Your Life and Grow It
  •  Teach and Give Back More
Being a Visionary is a way of life.  Join us!
I've used this exact system to get me and my loved the income, impact and freedom we were after.  I know you can do the same!
-Vito La Fata
Co-Founder & Head Coach, The Visionary Planner®
The Hard Truth...
If you don't have a course, marketing for that course, content and a website, no one will know about you!

Sad but true!

It's your time to tap into a step-by-step process, full support staff and hassle-free tech to spread your message, consistently deliver clients and build a thriving Audience whose lives you help improve.

Listen to how these students shared their Vision and push past their limits...
Introducing The Visionary Planner’s®:
The ONLY Step-By-Step System To Take Your Business And Dreams Online & To The Next Level...
  •  A roadmap of all the technical and tactical things you need to do to get online FAST!
  •  Clear step-by-step instructions (including how to remove your tech overwhelm) so you waste no time getting up and running!
  •  A complete A-to-Z system to building a solid foundation for your brand!
Hurry, every minute counts. It's your time to make an impact and get predictable & consistent income!  You have 30 days to try it out, risk-free! 
You get a physical kit to build your 1st course, marketing funnel and website.
Online Business Fast-Track™ Part 1 will have you focus on 3 simple goals...  
Grow A List
Create a product
Make Money
We've broken these 3 main goals into 9 quick and easy activities. They're all simple to build thanks to our step-by-step systems and Coaching Team to save you time and keep you accountable...

1) Growing your Email Marketing List includes Social Media, Content and a free thing to give-away.  When you have a list of people to email you control the cashflow into your online business!  

2) Creating A 'Gateway' Product helps you have something to sell (and bring money in as you move people up to your higher paying offers, and get you the lifestyle and freedom you're wanting).  This includes having a product, emails to sell that product and videos to promote it.

3) Making Money involves sharing your message with the world!  Here you'll setup an automated process to sell your product (a sales funnel), a website to educate about your business and ads to spread the word. 

The flowchart below shows you what you'll create in the Fast-Track.  We've done all the planning, strategy and tech research so you only have to focus on the fun stuff!
This is the minimal amount of work you need to do in order to grow a list, create a product and sell it as quickly as possible. 

No wasted more overwhelm!

Below are examples of what all of these elements look like finished. 

[Thanks for the lovely Anna Renderer for letting us use these examples that she created right here inside the Visionary Planner®!]
We’ll have a live kickoff call (we’ll use Zoom) where we do roll call and give you a preview map of what you’re about to build so you can see how the whole summer will unfold.
1: Audience Analysis, Content & Publishing Calendar
($497.00 Value)
Our systems help you pinpoint who your Audience is, what problems they’ll gladly pay to have you solve and then you’ll create content that is verified to hook their interests. 

This helps you spread your message and build your list of prospects eager to buy your stuff. 
Imagine never again making content that no one wants, or wasting time trying to attract the wrong type of Audience?

Nothing makes you doubt your Vision more than not being to get anyone interested in buying your amazing products and services.
  •  Plan Your Audience out so You Attract the Right Customer
  •  Determine How to Easily Approach Them
  •  Develop 12 Content Pieces for Social Media and Your Blog
  •  Create a Publishing Calendar so You Can Consistently Share Your Message
Bonus: Business Foundation
New to starting up a business? This bonus will walk you through how to set up your legal business entity, get a bank account and be ready to process online payments.

We don’t want you to be held back when it comes time to launch your ideal business!
  •  Get a Legal Business Entity so You Can Start Your Vision Up
  •  Understand the Real Expense of Starting up a Business (We’ll Help Keep Your Costs as Low as Can Be)
  •  Get a Bank and Merchant Account so You Can Process Online Orders
($497.00 Value)
Your new VP Systems help you pinpoint what social media channels are the best for your message, how to become a leader to your Audience , how to strategically link your social media channels up so they achieve your marketing goals and give you a simple strategy to grow your marketing list.

This helps you conserve your time and only do actions that get measurable results. So stop worrying about wasting all your time on social media, or starting conversations that no one wants.  We'll help you get total clarity on your best social strategy!
  •  Establish Your Brand On Top Social Media Channels
  •  Create Consistent Branding & Strategy So You Grow Your Business With Ease
  •  Use Proven Methods To Save You Time On Social Media
3: Free Treat™ Creation
($497.00 Value)
This VP system takes the mystery out of what free sample of your business you can use to entice your Audience to give you their email. Once you have their email you can market to them, nurture the relationship and generate income.  

This system helps you to build a Free Treat™ that is sure to deliver amazing signup rates, and that will educate your Audience and get them excited to buy your courses, products and services!
  •  Use Our Simple System To Create A Free Treat™
  •  Grow Your List and Get Amazing Signup Rates
  •  Educate Your Prospects About Your Brand
  •  Nurture Your Leads The Right Way
4: Visionary Gateway Offer™ Creation
($497.00 Value)
You can’t make money if you’ve got nothing to sell. Most Visionaries over-think product creation…which becomes a massive roadblock that impedes their dreams.  

Instead, you’ll get a step-by-step blueprint and fill-in-the-blanks template to build an effective Visionary Gateway Offer™. This gets your list to convert to buyers and helps them solve a common problem. This is where you finally have a profitable business!

Imagine finally having a product that establishes your expertise, generates revenue and delivers awesome value…all by following a simple step-by-step product creation template!
  •  Create A Robust 'Gateway' Product In Just A Few Days
  •  Strategically Designed To Up-sell Your Other Offers 
  •  Build A Strong Customer Bond So They Know, Like & Trust You
  •  Positions You as a Thought Leader In Your Industry
  •  Helps Generate Revenue To Fund The Creation Of Your Business
  •  Strategically Designed To Sell Your Other Offers, Like High-Ticket Coaching
5: COMPLETE Automated Marketing Funnel Asset Creation
($497.00 Value)
Once you’ve built your Free Treat™ and Visionary Gateway Offer™, it’s time to build out your marketing funnel…

Your new VP systems will give you video scripts, fill-in-the-blank email templates, page text and handout blueprints so you can build an effective marketing funnel without any stress or overwhelm.

Never again feel frustrated and stuck because of how complex things are…we’ve made it crazy simple and our ‘tech build’ videos and checklists show you exactly how to set things up yourself (or outsource to someone else). 

When you have a marketing funnel you’re able to stop trading time for dollars, and finally get paid what you’re really worth.
  •  Templates, Checklists and Blueprints Create an Effective Marketing Funnel
  •  Proven System Automates Your Marketing and Sales Process
  •  Story-telling Keeps You From Being a ‘Pushy Sales Person’
  •  Create Emails, Pages, Surveys and More!
($497.00 Value)
These days, if you want to be a tremendous success online you must embrace video and become a ‘niche’ celebrity.

You’ll get video scripts for each and every video you’re going to need. 

These include product, marketing funnel, ads, social media, site welcomes and email marketing system videos. 

Never again wonder what videos you’ll need, what to say in each video, how to properly film your videos, where each video plugs into or how to perform on camera. We’ll coach you on everything. 

 You’re going to love making videos and forming a lasting bond with your Audience.
  •  Video Scripts Tell You Exactly What To Say 
  •  Strategically Tells Your Story and Sell Your Visionary Gateway Offer™
  •  Step-by-Step Instructions To Film, Perform and Edit Your Videos
  •  Build a Strong Bond With Viewers as You Shine On-Screen!
  •  Eliminates Stage-Fright and ‘What To Say’ Fears
7: Automated Audience Path™ ‘Funnel’ Build 
($497.00 Value)
If you want to have the freedom you deserve, you must automate your business. That means you’ll be able to use technology to repeat systems that would be impossible to manually operate. 

The #1 system to automate is your marketing. 

This is where you build a series of emails, videos and pages that do the selling for you (an Audience Path™). So you can make an income even if you’re on the beach sipping a Pina colada. 

Is tech a major roadblock that usually stops you cold? 

Never fear! You’ll get step-by-step instructional over-the-shoulder videos that show you exactly what to open, push and save.

And if you want help, you can easily upgrade to have our team build everything for you, so you can focus on being creative and outsource the stuff you don’t love to do.
  •  No More Tech Overwhelm…We Show You Step-By-Step What To Create
  •  Outsource Systems If You Want To Free Your Time Up
  •  Build An Interactive Marketing System That Engages Your Prospects
  •  Automated Emails Do The Selling For You…No More Manual Labor!
8: Visionary Website Formula™ 
($997.00 Value)
Most Entrepreneurs think that having a website is the same as having an online business. 

But Visionaries know that a website is only necessary after they have something to sell, tons of content and a clear vision of how that site will help achieve their marketing goals.

Your new Visionary Site will do 3 important things...

    1) Grow Your Marketing List 
    2) Convert Visitors to Sales 
    3) Build and Nurture Relationships

You’ll get a complete website planning system…so you never have to worry about lacking a strategy, clear branding or making sales.

Our step-by-step template will get you a gorgeous site in just a few hours…without having to hire expensive branding consultants, website programmers or designers. 
  •  Fill-in-the-Blanks Website Template Gets All the Graphics and Text You’ll Need 
  •  Step-By-Step Production System Helps Build Your Site In Hours
  •  No Annoying Tech…You’ll Use the World’s Easiest Site Building App (not included in your Visionary Planner® investment costs)
  •  Get A Gorgeous Site You're Proud To Refer Prospects To
9: Ad Creation & Spreading Your Message 
($997.00 Value)
After you’ve built all the other elements, it’s time to launch and get the word out!

Here you’ll use our templates and step-by-step ad setup and optimization training to kick-off an ad campaign to drive prospects into your automated marketing funnel.

You’ll feel empowered to take your marketing into your own hands as we demystify ads and how to make them profitable!
  •  Done-For-You Ad Templates Include Text and Video Scripts
  •  Step-by-Step Instructions Set Your Ads Up For You
  •  Content Publishing System Gets Your Content Everywhere It Needs To Be
  •  Weekly ‘Episode’ Emails Keep Your List Engaged And Buying Your Stuff!
Hurry, every minute counts. It's your time to make an impact and get predictable & consistent income!
You have 30 days to try it out, risk-free! 
Once you've completed all 9 simple steps, you'll have a fully functioning, easy to manage online business!

In fact, check out everything the Fast-Track will co-create with you:
Above is an example from a Visionary Planner student's brand they created using this exact system and coaching program.
When you follow our proven systems, are held accountable by inspiring coaches,... and are fired up to help can build all of this FAST!

Unlike other courses where you just get thrown a bunch of videos... our team of educators has structured your new trainings so it's super fun and easy to get started...
This training is no fluff, all content.  You'll watch the bite-size videos to get clear on your effective action steps.
You'll use the worksheets to get clear on what you need to accomplish to give you the financial and time freedom you deserve.
Finally, you'll roll up your sleeves to complete each step.  Your Coaches are on hand to assist you every step of the way!
Once it's all built, you'll get an Operations Manual so you can easily and effortlessly run your business.  So if you've felt confused, stuck and overwhelmed by tech...kiss those days goodbye!
Activity #7: Plan Your Signature Product
Have a signature product that needs a little love? Or have nothing at all? You’ll get a slick blueprint that is sure to help you craft a flagship offer that online shoppers would be silly to resist!
($997.00 Value)
This summer, you’ll take massive action to: 
  •  Solidify your social media sites and sprinkle them with content your audience actually wants. 
  •  Create a mini-funnel complete with a free thing to give away, automated email follow up messages and low priced offer so you can have some money for marshmallows to roast.
  •  Finally, you’ll create a simple product so you have something amazing to offer your new crowd of followers!
You'll complete Activities over 'Workshop Weekends'
How Exactly Will You Pull This Off In no Time flat?
You'll block out time each week to take action and go step-by-step towards building your dreams the right way!
Tech freak you out? We'll show you exactly what to do all in one simple software. Step-by-step videos will make building your business easy.
Not sure what to write? No worries! You'll get easy fill-in-the-blanks templates that you can add your own unique voice to.
Every other weekend our Camp Counselors will be on hand to help you successfully complete your activities.  This way you can pick and choose which ones you want to focus on.  You can aim for completing one, or being all-in and doing them all!

It’s everything you need to have a successful online business PLUS step-by-step instructions, full access to ‘camp counselors’ who have built multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses and full support of all the other chipper campers who will have your back.

And it’s all only possible if you sign up now!

Hurry, spots are limited so your Camp Counselors can give you the attention you deserve. Once we’re full, we’re full. 

Also, we only want serious campers!
Keep in mind that top guru classes that tell you the WHAT and WHY (but never the HOW) of these topics cost $497 each…  

You get the equivalent of 7 of those!  

That's a real world value of $3,479.
  •  We linked all the different business building assets together so you're never confused!
  •  Give you clear step-by-step instructions on how to build each thing (including answering all your tech questions)
  •  Have ‘Workshop Weekends' where you will literally take action, be held accountable and build your business once and for all!
Hurry, spots are extremely limited so all campers get the 1-on-1 support they deserve.  
You have 30 days to try it out, risk-free!
Simply decide now.  Then click the button.  Fill out the payment form, then you'll get instant access.   If you're not 100% satisfied then ask for a full and prompt return of your investment inside the Learning Portal.
No Excuses, No Roadblocks, No Procrastination...
We envision you enjoying life...

If you tried to piece this system on your own, it would take years and cost you tens of thousands (it did us).  

If you hired consultants to build everything you’ll build inside the Visionary Planner, you’d pay at least $106,000 (that’s what our clients pay).  

And if you bought all the trainings on their own you’d pay $5,473.

Instead, you’ll pay just $197 a month, or $1997 (if you want to pay in full).

Each month, it's less than $9.90 a day for all the help you'll ever need. If your dreams and freedom aren't worth investing a measly $9.90 a day, then you're probably not the right fit for this...
Fast-Track you and your loved ones getting the lifestyle and freedom you deserve!
You'll Get:
  •  All-Inclusive Access: Full of all the mentoring, coaching and hand-holding you've been looking for! (Priceless)
  •  Access Anytime, Anywhere gets you instantly inside to our exclusive member's only Learning Portal whenever you're feeling creative. (Priceless)
  •  Straight-to-the-Point Videos gives you a step-by-step process to set yourself apart from others in your industry and develop a unique brand, build all your necessary business assets and take your biz to the next level. (Priceless)
  •  Step-by-step Worksheets so you can get serious about your business instead of treating it like a hobby. (Priceless)
  •   Over-the-Shoulder Tech Videos walk you step-by-step to build all your assets. (Priceless)
  •   9 In-Depth Systems so you can build the foundation for your business today. ($5,473 value)  
Total Value: $5,473.00
Fast-Track becoming a trusted authority in your industry as you empower others!
How great is it going to feel in a few short months when you are FINALLY online?

How relieved will you feel after you build a solid foundation for your online business?

And how relaxed will you feel when you have automated your expertise so you finally have free time?

It all happens when you click the button below to enroll now.  

It's absolutely risk free. 

So why not check it out and then decide if it's the right investment for you or not?
Your 3 steps to SUMMER FUN...
Hurry, every minute counts. It's your time to make an impact and get predictable & consistent income!  You have 30 days to try it out, risk-free! 
Our Personal Guarantee...
We are committed to you fully implementing our system and building your course, marketing, content, website and blog.  Here are our 3 guarantees to give you peace of mind with your decision:

1. You’ll feel this is the easiest, most straight forward, step-by-step system to transform your creativity into a fully functioning online business (complete with everything you need to market and sell a high-quality product), or just return your Fast-Track within 30 days for 100% of your investment back.

2. You will get all the hand-holding and support from our Team so nothing stands in your way.  If you aren't able to build your course, marketing, content, website and blog within 6 months of your enrollment we will give you additional support to help you get results. If you still aren't able to get results, then we will simply refund your investment. All you have to do is submit your homework to us to show an effort was made. Easy and simple. We know that this system works, if you follow it!

3. Our Coaches and Team will over-deliver on helping you define your Vision and feeling empowered to put in the hard work to make it a reality once and for all. It’s your time to get results in your learning, confidence and impact in the world.  You get Group Coaching Calls, Workshop Weekends, Monday Office Hours and you can message us inside the private FB group or via our Support Tab inside the Learning Portal.

What This Isn’t…
HERE's what recent graduates said:
"I learned how to plan my future better and have more clarity on my tribe. These 7 steps you provide are the things I had no clue on how to do! It’s been very eye opening and exciting.”

“I finally feel like I can reach for more of the 5 freedoms in my life and know what to do to work towards them. It will have a huge effect on my income which will help alleviate stress in my life.”

“CVP affected the way I approach any product design for the future and ultimately allow me to create a brand that can impact more people.”

“I’ve been holding myself back, not quite knowing how to put all my thoughts into a comprehensive action plan...the biggest thing I learned is how to organize and prioritize all my thoughts into my vision and mission so I can focus on actions that will move me forward.”

“I’m ready to take my business to the next level and I trust Vito to help guide me in the right direction and give me the kick in the ass that I need to keep moving forward.”

Vito is engaging and candid in is knowledge of the online industry. I believe he understands the trends and systems needed to build a brand that works for me.”
As much as we love the Online Business Fast-Track™ Part 1, it’s just your first step.

You see, there are a ton of Building Blocks your business will need to hit 6, 7 even 8 figures. In order to coach you to crystalize your Vision, we’ve kept this simple. We’ve designed this to be a ‘business building system’ that you can add onto. 

That means we have other systems that you can take action on AFTER you complete this major milestone.

We see so many people focus on the wrong things, in the wrong order…This Fast-Track is perfect for where you’re at now, and is designed to help you kiss your overwhelm goodbye!

To be honest, we wish we could build your entire business for you…but that wouldn’t serve you. In fact, clients have paid us over $106,000 to build a fraction of their business. 

And while we do an amazing job, we feel they’d be better served if they had us coach them on how to build their business with their own bare hands. That way they’re clear on how it's all connected, and are empowered and excited to operate it.

And that’s just what you’ll experience with this brand new ‘complete course creation and marketing system’. 

We know you’re going to find it to be the exact solution and help you need right now.  No doubt about it!
Hurry, every minute counts. It's your time to make an impact and get predictable & consistent income!
You have 30 days to try it out, risk-free! 
SPECIAL BONUSES WHen you join today...
Note: The bonuses below are available for this special offer only. We cannot guarantee that they will be included in the future...
private FB Group
to Help reach your business and life goals! ($2,000 value)
Building your online business can be a lonely endeavor…

That’s why we believe you’ll love this private Facebook Group. 

Here you can get the support you need, forge new friendships with people who ‘get you’, celebrate our communities latest wins, answer your questions and attend exclusive live-streams featuring the best tactics and strategies of what’s working now. 

Our VP Team is in here daily giving you the support you need.

When it comes to profiting in your business, a single piece of advice can be priceless. Imagine all the support, insights and advice that’s coming your way!
Carve Time Out To Build Your Online Brand ($2,000 value)
If you want to get a sustainable and profitable business you must take the time to build it.

However, we know that life can get in the way and stop you in your tracks... 

That’s why each month you’ll get to attend a Workshop Weekend™. Here you can carve time out to focus on building your Vision. 

Our Team will be on hand to hold you accountable, answer your questions and motivate you to make no excuses!
Discover the essential elements you need to build a brand that attracts your ideal Audience, and makes you proud!
Use our simple blueprint to plan a site that will make you money, grow and nurture leads and looks gorgeous.
Stop feeling overwhelmed about how to create content and share your message.  Feel confident and make sales!
Touch Base With Us Each Week. ($2,000 Value)
What makes The Visionary Planner® so powerful is the access you’ll have to our Team. That means every Monday (excluding major holidays) you’ll be able to jump on a Zoom call. Here we can review your work, give you feedback, answer your questions and help you with tech.  

Never again feel lost, stuck or unfocused. We’re here to make sure you build out the entire Fast-Track system in style!  You can do this!
2 Tuition Waivers TO ‘Rise Of The Visionary™’ LIVE Event
Deep-Dive During Our Interactive Live Retreat ($4,000 value) - DATES/LOCATION TBA
Most seminars simply get you fired up…but then leave you lost as to what do take action on.  We take the opposite approach!

This action-packed, high-value 3 day retreat is sure to get you fired up…but you’ll also be able to meet your fellow Visionaries. This can lead to strategic partnerships, getting new clients, meeting your Visionary Team and having a world-class experience.

You’ll discover things that are better taught live, like teaching, performing and storytelling.

We can’t wait to see you there!
Vito La Fata is a well respected and sought out thought leader in the online marketing and self-improvement industries. He's spoken on dozens of stages (and keynoted right alongside Michelle Obama) as he helps business owners get clear on how to get their businesses online the right way.

Vito started out as a client of the Visionary Planner® so he could 10x his branding and business systems. We were so impressed with his ability to coach others to make their business goals happen, we invited him to partner with us and help you out too!

Vito has built multiple 6 and 7 figure earning businesses... Imagine how helpful it will be when you have a mentor and coach who will help you get clear on how to do the same!  
Decide now if you're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, agitated and frustrated with trying to monetize and automate your experise... Vito is here today to help you take massive action!  
THAT'S OVER $6,000 IN BONUSES! (If You Use Them!)
Here's a glimpse of how students (just like you) are reacting Inside the Learning Portal...
Deluxe Masterclass reveals How to feel confident on camera and create awesome content ($1,997 value)
Freaked out to step into your spotlight?

We'll reveal some Hollywood acting tips to make sure you shine on camera and feel authentic in your voice.

Even better, we'll tell you what video and audio gear to buy, how to set it all up and how to edit your videos so you can attract a massive following and create world-class video based products...

Imagine never again feeling nervous or doubting your ability to attract an audience and inspire them to change their lives!

It's all possible when you have these valuable strategies and exercises that you can only get here in Business Building Summer Camp!
YOUR step-by-step tactical map of where You're going...
As soon as you enroll, you'll get:
  •  All Inclusive Access full of all the mentoring, coaching and hand-holding you've been looking for! (Priceless)
  •  Access Anytime, Anywhere gets you instantly inside to our exclusive member's only Learning Portal whenever you're feeling creative. (Priceless)
  •  Straight-to-the-Point Videos gives you a step-by-step process to set yourself apart from others in your industry and develop a unique brand, build all your necessary business assets and take your biz to the next level. (Priceless)
  •  Step-by-step Worksheets so you can get serious about your business instead of treating it like a hobby. (Priceless)
  •  Over-the-Shoulder Tech Videos walk you step-by-step to build all your assets. (Priceless)
  •  9 In-Depth Systems so you can build the foundation for your business today. ($5,473 value)  
  •  BONUS #1: Private FB Group so you can get the social support you need to build your dreams! ($2,000 Value)
  •  BONUS #2: 2 Tuition Waivers To Live Event so you dive deep into how to teach, and how to perform. ($4,000 Value)  
TOTAL VALUE: $11,473.00!
Order Now To Get Instant Access
Hurry, every minute counts. It's your time to make an impact and get predictable & consistent income!
You have 30 days to try it out, risk-free! 
One-Time Payment
Per License
Pay In Full: $1,997 (Save $367)
Get Lifetime Access To The Program
(You will be billed one-time of just $1,997)
Monthly Payments
Per License
Just $197 each Month
License it monthly, cancel anytime.
(Billed every 30 days, cancel anytime)
Simply decide now.  Then click the button for the payment option you like.  Fill out the payment form, then you'll get instant access.   If you're not 100% satisfied within 30 days, then ask for a full and prompt return of your investment inside the Learning Portal.
Mike L. Murphy
You may have seen Mike’s work in Lord of the Rings, Fast & Furious, Ironman and Harry Potter. 

He’s built several 6-figure online business and wants you to do the same. Now plug into his templates and systems to get online fast.

An American, he now lives in Europe with his wife and son, and gets to work anywhere he wishes.
Vito is one of the fitness industries top thought leaders, has built a 7 figure business and is a certified high performance coach. 

Vito created his dream life and wants you to do the same. Tap into his experience and get coached for success today.

Vito lives in Southern California with his wife and son.  He also gets to speak internationally and attends the 'expert' industries top masterminds (and brings that info back to you!)

It all started 7 years ago… we believed there was more to life than working non-stop, feeling overwhelmed and never enjoying a break...
Vito La Fata
We wanted to spend time with our families, see the world and make memories. 

That was really hard when we were working for others, or drowning in dysfunctional businesses we had built...

We wanted a solution...

This led us on a quest to build a framework that anyone with a Vision can simply plug their passion, creativity and hard work into...

Now we’re excited to share the Visionary Planner® with you, so you can empower and inspire others while making consistent and predictable income.

How would that change your life right now?  How would that change your family?  Your relationship with your spouse?  The lives of your clients, students and Audience?  It all starts the minute you enroll in the Fast-Track and get busy!
Don't take our word for it...Read how the Visionary Planner® has transformed the lives of Visionaries just like you:
Laura is a cancer she uses the Visionary Planner® to help empower other women to rebuild their lives.  She is making a positive impact in the world...and so will you!

"exceeded what I expected..."

“The lessons alone have exceeded what I expected, and the value of the Braintrust group I now have has far exceeded anything I could've expected to get out of this program."

-Bryant Edwards 

"I’m getting more ‘unstuck’..."

This program is truly amazing - the more I dig into it the more I appreciate what you’ve created.”

-Baji Grace

"opened my eyes..."

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for this course and group! I've recently come across some experiences which have opened my eyes to how few people truly know how to do what we are being taught and discussing.”

-Steven Nathenson

"coming to life..."

“it's pretty sweet to see my brand slowly coming to life. Networking in groups like these is vital to our business so I'm stocked to be a part of another mastermind group and look forward to connecting with you all!” 

-Kelly Scott

"what a journey..."

"What a journey it has been and I am so glad I went on it"

-Heike Yates

"appreciate the program..."

“off to a great start. We appreciate the program and team's commitment to our success. 

-Greg Justice

"so happy I found this training..."

“Really has me thinking about what I really want for my life and my family life, as well as my business. I am so happy I found this training.”

-Maryke Meyer

"pushing me to learn..."

“This course is not at all easy for me and he is pushing me to learn and create more than anyone else has ever done!"

-Jenny Grass D’Agostino

"miles ahead of any other..."

“The way this course is organized to flow is miles ahead of any other! Thank you!” 

-Alex McMillan

"loved this training program..."

"I loved this training program so much! It was so well organized and I learned so much about how to take my business to the next level. Thanks again!"

-Reena Vokoun
you know if this is right for you...
Let’s be real…you know deep down if this is right for you or not. 

 If you’re still on the fence, what’s your fear?

If you believe that ‘this works, but it won’t work for me?’, then what makes you so disadvantaged? This system is so easy to build and tap your creativity into…it works even if you have no idea what business to create, what you want to sell or if tech totally freaks you out.

It all comes down to whether you want to live the life you envision for not only yourself, but your loved ones.

Don’t your loved ones deserve to have you full of joy…no longer ALWAYS working, ALWAYS stressed out?

Don’t your kids deserve to be able to look up to you…and have you be the positive role model they need?

Doesn’t your spouse deserve to have you be able to take time off to make memories, and never be stressed about money or paying the bills?
Doesn’t your health deserve to be a main focus of your life so you’re always full of energy and vitality? That only happens when you have the time to make yourself a priority.

Doesn’t your spirit deserve to do what it’s meant to do…to wake up every morning full of joy? We don’t want you to look back on your life and regret never having done the thing you were destined to do.

Doesn’t your Audience deserve to have you empower and inspire them to improve their lives, and find meaning in everything they do? Don’t you agree it’s your responsibility to make a difference?

Only YOU have the power to make all of that happen, and it will…

Yet it only happens when you COMMIT to making your dreams happen. Do that by clicking the ‘ADD TO CART’ button below right now. Do it, this is your time to finally stop stalling or feeling stuck. 

Rise up and become the Visionary you’re meant to be!
Customer Support
We’re in business to serve you. So if you have any questions, comments or concerns, just email 

We will gladly help you make your dreams a reality, and have nothing stop you from building a business that brings you the freedom, impact and income you envision.
What kind of results can I expect from this program?
Right off the will only get results if you complete all the work, in the correct order we suggest.  Assuming you do all that, you will have a course created (training, handouts, videos, private learning portal and buyer emails), marketing for that course (emails, pages, videos, handouts), 3 months of attention-grabbing content (blog posts, videos and social media content) and a gorgeous website.  We'll show you how to build it all without getting overwhelmed with tech (and 56% of our students upgrade their order to have our Team fully build the tech out so nothing stops them from launching).
How long before I can launch everything I'd create in this program?
It typically takes our students between 2-6 months to complete the work.  Obviously, the quicker you do that work, the quicker you can get to launching it!
What kind of homework will I have?
We love to back-engineer everything we'll have you do...that means in each of the 9 Steps we'll focus on the asset(s) you need to create, then give you the tools and coaching so you can focus on creating those necessary assets.  

The length of each step ranges from 4+ hours (when it comes to creating assets for your course or marketing things take longer).

Since all the trainings are broken into small 'action steps', you'll be able to go one step at a time and make massive progress whenever your schedule permits.
What if I get stuck?
No worries!  We know how hard it is to feel 'on your own'.  That's why, in addition to 2 monthly Group Coaching Calls, you can ask for help inside the private FB group at any time, in our monthly Workshop Weekends and also during our live Office Hour Calls each Monday.
Where can I find extra support for this program?
Inside this program's 'Learning Portal' is a big button that says 'SUPPORT'.  You can use that at any time to have us help you with whatever you need.
What if I haven't started my business yet?
No problem!  This program is going to help you start from scratch and build a foundation for your business the right way.  We'll explain all the 'big ideas' you need to know about so you can lock down your Audience, Niche and then go full steam ahead to get a 1st pass of your course, marketing, content and site up and running.
I already have created a product and marketing...will this help me sell more copies?
Of course!  We've taken the 'best practices' of the 'expert industry' and applied them to our fill-in-the-blanks templates.  This lets you quickly improve what you already have, and get it up to speed.

Typically if you're not selling enough it means you have a problem with your offer, or you're not sending enough traffic into your marketing funnel to view your offer.  This program shows you how to avoid those 2 common issues.
I don't understand online marketing and course creation at all...will this be too technical for me?
We know how much tech freaks Visionaries out!  That's why we've designed this program to have you avoid tech as much as possible.  We also will suggest the industries leading 'all-in-one' tool (complete with 24/7 tech support).  And if you really want to avoid tech, you will be able to upgrade your order and have us build the tech out for you.
This program says I need Facebook advertising...will this teach me how to do that?
You will definitely need FB to share your message online.  This program will walk you step-by-step towards setting up an ad account, running tests to find the highest converting ads, and ultimately how to scale up your ads once you find a proven hit!

Note that you will need money to invest into your ad campaigns.
Do I need a website to advertise on Facebook?
You do not need a website in order to run ads on FB.  However, as part of this program you will build a website and purchase a custom URL (domain name).  We'll show you how to easily do this.
Are there any additional costs or investments I will need to make?
Yes, unfortunately starting up (or improving) your business requires investment.  

Aside from tuition into this program, you will need to purchase a URL (usually less than $15 a year), get the 'all-in-one' course hosting software we recommend (Kajabi...this is typically about $100 a month), hire graphic designers (this usually costs around $100-300...but we'll show you how to do this yourself if you're cash-strapped), a fast computer, video equipment (your smart phone should work fine, but you'll need a microphone ($50 or less)) and finally you'll need money for ads.  We suggest you invest between $2000-$2500 to run enough ads where you can optimize your marketing funnel (which we'll show you how to do).

Oh yeah, if you attend our Rise Of The Visionary Event (you get 2 tuition waivers), you'll need to cover your travel, food and accomodations. 
What kind of results can I expect?
You will be able to develop, launch and market the foundation for your brand...a low-price 'gateway' offer, free treat (lead magnet), marketing (funnel, emails and videos), content (blog posts, social media) and run ads.

We can't guarantee any financial results, but we do guarantee our step-by-step systems, templates and checklists will make you getting online fast and easy.
Do I need a website to get the most out of this course?
You don't need a site to start the course...but we will have you build one in Step 8.
I'm no good at tech...will this program still work for me?
Of course!  We'll show you how to use a simple 'all-in-one' software system...and it comes with full 24/7 support.  Even better, we'll walk you, step-by-step, towards building everything out, and you can even upgrade your order so we build your tech for you.
What if I haven't started my business yet?
No worries...the strategies you'll learn in this course will help you build a rock-solid business the right way.  
What kind of homework will I have?
Each module has videos to watch, and a few tools (worksheets, blueprints) to complete.  On average, each module is about 2-4 hours long.  The entire VP Team is here to help you in case you get stuck, or need motivation.
Where can I find extra support?
You can reach out to us inside the private Learning Portal, through the exclusive Facebook Group that you'll get access to or on our weekly 'Office Hours' calls.  In short, we're on hand to make sure you always feel supported!
What if I'm not able to complete this program?
Listen, we totally understand if life gets in the way...

That's why this entire course is designed in simple, step-by-step weekly trainings.  

That way if you miss a work session, you can easily jump right back in and pick up where you left off.

You see, most courses are packed with too much info.  But if you're anything like us, you are busy, and you want results fast.

That's why this is no fluff - no filler.  Just straight-forward action steps that have been proven to work over and over again.
For what length of time will this program be available?
You're seeing these special Fast-Action Bonuses because we want you to succeed and help fulfill our Vision (having you share your message, and improve the lives of your Audience)...

Beyond that, we’re not sure how long the bonuses will be bundled with this.

You see…we provide full support for everyone who enrolls.

So we have to limit the amount of people who can purchase the course.

That means you need to decide fast!

Hit the 'I want to enroll' button below right now and fast-track your ability to get you, and your loved ones, the lifestyle you dream about.
Hurry, every minute counts. It's your time to make an impact and get predictable & consistent income!
You have 30 days to try it out, risk-free! 
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