The Visionary Planner
Feeling Stuck As You Build Your Business?
The Visionary Planner
Feeling Stuck As You Build Your Business?
Ready to start an online business?
"simple step-by-step Blueprint gets you started making money online selling courses, memberships, events or services..."
So You can get the freedom, impact and income you deserve.
Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants That Want To Increase Their Revenue Online
Influencers That Want To Have Their Message Heard and Make A Positive Impact
Thought Leaders & Creatives Who Are Sick of the ‘Grind’ & Ready To Automate 
If you feel like you should stop spinning your wheels...

Just commit to get clear on how to make your business work for you (and create the freedom you deserve).
The Clear Vision Planner is your quick solution to stop feeling lost, and get total clarity on how to take your business to the next level.  You're here for a reason, and you have 30 days to try it out, risk-free!
Or 2 Installments of $57
Simply decide now.  Then click the button.  Fill out the payment form, then you'll get instant access.   If you're not 100% satisfied then ask for a full and prompt return of your investment inside the Learning Portal.
Rise Up And Be A Visionary!
Before you ever build a course, membership site, done-for-you service, consulting package or high-ticket offer (any information you can sell), answer if any of the following sound familiar?
Feeling Burned out, agitated and overwhelmed?
Are you feeling confused on how to get getting online, and making your first sales and want a proven business plan to help you strategically get started?

Do you want to see the ‘big picture’ of what you need to focus on while avoiding distractions and wasting time, money and energy?

Ready to stop the endless treadmill of feeling burned out, frustrated and spending money on courses and seminars that never tell you HOW to get online fast?

If so, we believe:
  •  You deserve to get paid for making an impact…
  •  Your family deserves to have you around more…
  •  Your Audience deserves to hear your message…
  •  Together we can be the change this world needs!
stop feeling stressed out...
We wasted years, and tens of thousands of dollars, doing the wrong things in the wrong order.

It took us 7 years to piece this info together... 

Now we’ve helped thousands of students who have paid us over a million dollars to teach them these exact 8 steps….

This is the only system that gets you online fast!
YOUR 8 Steps to success...
In 7 days you'll get a clear 'big picture' of all 8 core things you'll need to plan out BEFORE you can launch your courses, membership sites or online offers...
1. Find Your Audience
Who will you sell stuff your courses & offers to?
2. Pinpoint Problems
What problems will they pay to have solved?
3. Structure Problems
How can you walk them through solving problems?
4. Define Offers
What offers align with each major problem?
5. Get Clear Branding
How will your brand attract an Audience?
6. Social Strategy
What social sites are your Audience using?
7. Plan Your Site
How can you plan your site to sell your stuff?
8. Automate Selling
How can you automate followups & selling?
Dear freedom seeker,
Hi, we’re Mike L. Murphy and Vito La Fata.
We founded the Visionary Planner® to consult and coach Visionaries (anyone with a Vision of how they can get paid to do what they love while making the world a better place)…  

Our Vision was to create a coaching program that helped the underdog (small business owners with no funding) to make their wildest visions happen.

We’ve built several 6 and 7 figure businesses that let us have the freedom we wanted. 

We then went on to personally help people just like you go from wondering how to get online, to having total clarity on what it’ll take. 
And many of our students have also built businesses that let them live life on their own terms…and have plenty of time to make memories with their loved ones. 

Keep reading to find out more…
We’re going to reveal how you can get clear on what’s required of you, how long it’ll take and when you can realistically except money to flow in… 

Even if you’re starting from scratch….

Even if you’ve never attempted to start your own business before…

And even if you’re not even sure what your business should be.

We envision you rising up to become the Visionary you’re meant to be!

If that excites you, we believe you'll find this page EXTREMELY valuable
Because we’re going to share with you a proven training system that took us 7 years to perfect - (and hundreds of thousands of dollars to dial in) - a PROVEN "Battlefield-Tested" system for “Getting freedom, impact, clarity, confidence and financial abundance.“

And many of our students have gotten clear on the precise steps they need to take so they can fast-track getting clients online in different niches, with different audiences and with no prior experience.

We also:
  •  Get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to consult thought-leaders on how to build a profitable online business
  •  Share our unique systems as keynote presentations on stages all over the world
  •  Have empowered thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world to commit to making an impact and feeling confident...
  •  Attend the highest level marketing industry masterminds to make sure our students always know what’s working now...
  •  Are able to work the hours we want, with the team we want and have plenty of time to stop and appreciate how far we’ve come...
But you want to know something a little embarrassing?

Just a few short years ago, we had no idea how to make a dime online.

Sad, but true.

You see, I was working in Hollywood on some little movies (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Ironman). 

Even though I was well paid, I didn’t feel ‘free’. 

I had to work at other people’s schedules, had to sit in traffic and I could get laid off at a moment’s notice (which was becoming more and more of an issue).  

I remember getting an opportunity to ‘start an online business’ in order to finally get some freedom.

This pursuit of an incredible dream only led me deeper down the rabbit hole…

Within less than a year I was able to make over $150,000 and quit my supervising job thanks to marketing my message and finding clients.

I felt so amazing because I was literally living my dreams.

But then the rope was pulled out…
Because I wasn’t clear on what I was actually building, my business quickly shattered…

The money dried up and I had to resort to building things all over again. 

Fun times.

During this time, Vito was knee-deep in debt as he ran his own gym. 

Just like me, his dream had become a nightmare. 

He was in-debt, had no free time and was hoping an online business could be his way out.

This led to us both to investing all our time, money and resources to ‘cracking the freedom code’!
Vito hired me as his consultant and over 2 years my team and I helped him build his business. Then more and more clients came on board because of one simple thing…

This discovery was so simple, so effective and so easy to follow, that we wanted to kick ourselves for not discovering it sooner! 
In fact, with this secret solution…
You’ll be able to confidently build an online business the right way.

We had discovered a 100% ‘risk-free’ way of taking the necessary steps to make money online that lets even the most overwhelmed, uncertain and hopeless entrepreneur feel confident in their plans (and what actions they must take) in just a few weeks.

Without having to pour through endless marketing courses…

Without ever having tech stop your momentum…

And without ever feeling anxious or like you’re spinning a million plates and getting nowhere…

The big question on your mind is probably ‘How can I make a solid plan to get online in 7 days or less so I can get the freedom, income and impact I deserve?'

"exceeded what I expected..."

“The lessons alone have exceeded what I expected, and the value of the Braintrust group I now have has far exceeded anything I could've expected to get out of this program."

-Bryant Edwards 

"truly amazing"

This program is truly amazing - the more I dig into it the more I appreciate what you’ve created.”

-Baji Grace

"opened my eyes..."

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for this course and group! I've recently come across some experiences which have opened my eyes to how few people truly know how to do what we are being taught and discussing.”

-Steven Nathenson

"coming to life..."

“it's pretty sweet to see my brand slowly coming to life. Networking in groups like these is vital to our business so I'm stocked to be a part of another mastermind group and look forward to connecting with you all!” 

-Kelly Scott

"what a journey..."

"What a journey it has been and I am so glad I went on it"

-Heike Yates

"appreciate the program..."

“off to a great start. We appreciate the program and team's commitment to our success. 

-Greg Justice

"so happy I found this training..."

“Really has me thinking about what I really want for my life and my family life, as well as my business. I am so happy I found this training.”

-Maryke Meyer

"pushing me to learn..."

“This course is not at all easy for me and he is pushing me to learn and create more than anyone else has ever done!"

-Jenny Grass D’Agostino

"miles ahead of any other..."

“The way this course is organized to flow is miles ahead of any other! Thank you!” 

-Alex McMillan

"loved this training program..."

"I loved this training program so much! It was so well organized and I learned so much about how to take my business to the next level. Thanks again!"

-Reena Vokoun
The Secret...
What’s their secret? Well, they all had one thing in common…

They discovered simple techniques to make a plan for freedom…They eliminated all self-doubt in order to feel empowered to make their dreams happen…
You probably know that you must get yourself online…

But what getting clear before you begin is far more important...

You see, you will only find success if you follow the blueprint in the right order (and avoid all unnecessary distractions).

With the right understanding of this special sequencing of actions…

You’ll be able to easily make a living doing what you love, without having to feel bogged down with the tech, marketing or management.
Get ready to transform your life into exactly what you envision it to all starts when you COMMIT!
When this happens, you’ll fast-track getting an offer up to sell…and in turn fast-track profits flowing into your bank account.

The bottom line is...

You probably aren’t crystal clear on what you’re doing, and why you’re struggling so hard...

It makes perfect sense if you think about it…

You can crank out a quickee product, or build a marketing funnel (like a webinar)…

Yet if you aren’t clear on how those pieces of the puzzle snap into everything else…you’ll never end up with an online business that consistently works.
In our 7 years of online business building, we realized pretty quickly that the entrepreneurs who build business that set them free are the ones who have followed these precise steps.

After you wrap this short, 7-day training up you will...
  •  Dramatically increase your clarity and confidence of what it really takes to profit online
  •  Stop wasting time researching ideas that won’t work, burning your money on marketing trends that aren’t proven to work and never again deal with the hassle of tech
  •  Effortlessly be able to visualize, build and manage a profitable online business
Ready to find out what this new system is?
You'll use physical blueprints to help map out your Vision for your life and business.
Powered By 3 Acceleration Tools
We have condensed all our knowledge of how to leverage the internet to break free, and then give you simple action steps to making it happen. 

Plus you get a huge library of information of templates to make building all of this 10x easier.

We want to keep this simple, so nothing stands in your way…

That’s why as a Visionary (if you don’t feel like one yet, you will), you need 3 tools to get clarity fast:
Including a comprehensive set of worksheets to help you effortlessly get fast results.
Training Videos
You'll get bite-size videos that walk you through this unique and effective system.
Action Boosters
These powerful reminders will keep you excited to take massive action each day!
When you have those 3 powerful tools you’ll be able to finally make your Vision a reality. 
($97 VALUE)
This blueprint not only helped us stay focused, it also helped us make a positive impact into the lives of our students.

So after it helps you get clear and confident in 7 days or less, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t have this blueprint sooner!

Ready for the best part?

Each section of the Blueprint comes with a worksheet.  

Block 1: Audience

You’ll use the Audience Finder Worksheet to help define your ideal Audience member, and then make a plan to draw them in.

Block 2: Audience Problems

You’ll use the Problem Analyzer Worksheet to pinpoint what specific problems your Audience suffers from. 

This will let you map out content and products that your Audience actually wants (so you never waste any effort, or get off track with what they want from you).

Block 3: Teaching Map

After you outline your Audience’s problems, you’ll structure them into a step-by-step formula so you, and your Audience, are crystal clear on the steps they need to take to easily solve their problems.

You’ll use 2 tools here, the Teaching Map Worksheet, and Action Verbs Cheatsheet.

Block 4: Treasure Map

Once your Teaching Map is fleshed out, you’ll want to plan your products and services out (Treasures). 

 Each Treasure should be aligned with a step, or steps, on your Teaching Map. The Treasure Map Worksheet will help you quickly sort this all out.

Block 5: Branding

3 Powerful tools will help you make your Brand stand out, and not be just another business selling another thing. In short, you’ll be unique and memorable.  

BONUS: You’ll get a ticket to attend our popular workshop on building a world-class personal brand on a shoestring budget.

Block 6: Social Media

You probably know that you’ve got to be all over social media…but what’s your strategy to efficiently do this? 

Without the Social Media Strategy Cheatsheet, Social Media Checklist and Social Clarity Map you’re bound to waste all your time and burn out! 

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Block 7: Website

Ready to plan out a gorgeous website you are proud to share with others? 

 The Site Checklist and Site Clarity Map will help you get rock solid on what marketing strategies your site needs to succeed. 

As a bonus, you’ll get a ticket to attend our Website Workshop so you can blueprint out your site (we’ll even reveal how to do it all tech-free!)

Block 8: Emails

You probably know you must create automated emails to sell your products and services (Treasures). 

How valuable would it be to have a template where you simply filled-in-the-blanks?

You get this included! It’s just like having a top copywriter help you craft a winning campaign.
It’s the most powerful training of it’s kind. And you can enroll now for over 66% off.

Because we really want you to succeed, there is one last tool you won’t want to miss out on…
ACCELERATOR #2: Daily Training Videos
($397 VALUE)
We don’t know about you, but we absolutely need someone to show us how to do something new…
We need to SEE how something works.  

That’s why we designed this training to walk you through 8 simple ‘building blocks’ that are all contained on the blueprint. And each block is accompanied by a short video and worksheet where we dive-deep into just the info you need to know.
How you can get your expertise online in just a few months… without doubting yourself or getting stuck on tech.
  •  A secret way to earn what you deserve without ever feeling spread too thin, or that you’re spinning a million plates at once.
  •  The fastest known way to quickly get high paying clients — even if you're brand new and know nothing about online marketing strategies.
  •  A "can't miss" way to instantly gain the respect and admiration of other thought leaders in your niche — even if they have no idea who you are!
  •  Sick and tired of being overwhelmed, burned out and broke? We’ve got the answer for you in video #3. (You won’t find this in any other training.)
  •  An "almost magic" way to draw clients to you (this is so shockingly simple).
  •  Want to learn the secret to building products quickly and easily? No problem, just check out video #1 and you’ll discover how to carve out time to guarantee you get results!
  •  Once you’ve discovered this proven step-by-step system, you’re going to finally be able to confidently build a business that sets you and your family free.
  •  The "big lie" of softwares and apps… and why you should avoid them like the plague!
  •  Why the best way ever discovered to make money… and fast... is to do shut your brain off and simply follow a plan that works (you can always take chances later).
  •  The #1 “silly mistake" people make that kills their chances of ever getting off the ground (we see so many entrepreneurs do this).
  •  Why you should never invest time into social media… and why introverts often crush it when it does come time to be strategic.
  •  A quickie, “dummy’s” guide to online marketing — that lets you instantly get clear on how to draw in and monetize your Audience.
  •  The only two things you should focus on. (Hint: This has NOTHING to do with outsourcing or technology.)
  •  How to get your loved ones to support you on your journey to give them the life you’ve promised… and even have fun in the process!
ACCELERATOR #3: Action Boosters
($47 VALUE)
We know how easy it is for ‘life to get in the way’.

That’s why for each of the 7 days of the training we’re going to send you a powerful and inspiring daily email.

This email is going to get you to stay focused, and complete the quick and easy assignments fast.

Don’t you agree that you won’t get quick results if you don’t put in a little bit of effort?

In fact, here is what student's are saying about their experience inside the program...
The real value of the Blueprint?
To be honest, it’s hard to put a price on it…

This is the exact step-by-step system that we’ve used to map out our strategy to make money online.

Before we made it available to the general public, we had our private clients pay us up to $105,000. So we have no doubt people would easily pay hundreds of dollars for this with no problems.  

In fact, we believe this training is easily worth at least 10 times more than what we’re charging for it.

But never fear, we’ve made it so you won't pay anywhere near that.

Keep in mind, this is the same process that so many of our Visionary students use to:
  •  Empower their clients and change their lives
  •  Earn enough income to replace their ‘day job’
  •  Get online in just a few months, instead of years
  •  Be seen as respected thought leaders in their industries
  •  Eliminate self-doubt on putting their message out there
  •  Feel like they’re finally living their purpose and doing what they love
We believe you’re here now for a reason…

And that it’s your time to make this happen.

And because we want to help you avoid all the headaches we faced before discovering this powerful new system, right now you can take advantage of this special one time offer.  

If you hired us to consult with you 1-on-1 it would cost $650 per hour. 

To spend a full day’s consulting would set you back a cool $5000 (which clients happily pay for).
So how much would you expect to pay for a proven system that will wash away your doubts and you clear on what to focus on?

Well, it’s less than you think.

It’s not $300. It’s not $150. In fact, it’s not even $75.

As a new subscriber and member of our community, you can get our entire Online Business Blueprint™ and the bonuses for $297 only $47!

That's an over 66% off savings over what this costs on our website. You're saving $250. What a bargain!
Access to this complete step-by-step system; including all the videos, worksheets and motivational our many years of expertise for just $47.

Think about this for a second...

Within minutes of you accessing the private member’s area...

You will be able to finally get clear on what online businesses look like, know what to focus on and get insanely confident and fired up.

This is life-changing info that’s got to be worth 10 times more than the massive discount on this page...

And to think all we’re asking is $47.
3 POwerful BONUSES
BONUS #1: 3 Mini-Courses (Site, Social & Brand)
Join our growing community of Visionary entrepreneurs ready to make a positive impact on the world!

Let's be real...You probably have so many ideas and dreams. What's your plan to take action on those?  

Don't you agree that having a clear roadmap, and mentor to guide you, would be priceless?

How about defining new lines of online business revenue that will dramatically take your income to the next level? 

As soon as you enroll, you'll get exclusive stepping stones on how to put your vision into realistic goals and then into simple actions.  

Can you really afford to make mistakes that eat up your money, energy and time?

Are you...
  •  Spinning your wheels, feeling like you don’t have direction or focus for your business? 
  •  Struggling with incorporating all your roles and demands into your busy schedule?
  •  Organizing your plans to focus on what brings traction and forward progress in the limited amount of time you have?
  •  Ready to focus your efforts and quit feeling like you're hanging on by a thread... or working too hard for a tiny little reward?
  •  Ready to cut through your procrastination and fear so you can confidently take more action?
  •  Overwhelmed with all the info out there and feel it's hard to pick apart what to focus on first?
If any of those apply to you, how much would you invest to solve that immediately?

In fact, in order to make this as tangible as possible, we'll coach you towards focusing on these 3 big ideas...
We believe in taking massive action!  So this training is no fluff, all content.  You'll watch the bite-size videos to get clear on what each day's simple objective is.
You'll use the deluxe worksheet* so all your thoughts are organized, and get clear on what your business needs to accomplish to give you the lifestyle you want.
Finally, you'll create a checklist of all the goals you want to hit, and define the action steps to quickly make them happen.  This is the 'secret sauce' that gets you results.
*See our bonuses for additional ways you'll get clear on your goals, and get feedback to help make accomplishing them as efficient as possible.
This online training course is everything you need to get clear on how to start your business online, or stack more revenue onto the one you've got.   

You'll discover strategies that will move your business into the future versus working hard just to keep up...  

You'll define who your Audience is, how to stand apart from the crowd, how to work efficiently and how to attract a large Audience that buys your products and services.

You'll learn simple strategies to step into leadership so you can make a difference while getting more freedom to live life on your terms. 
Discover the essential elements you need to build a brand that attracts your ideal Audience, and makes you proud!
($97 Value)
Use our simple blueprint to plan a site that will make you money, grow and nurture leads and looks gorgeous.
($97 Value)
Stop feeling overwhelmed about how to create content and share your message.  Feel confident and make sales!
($97 Value)
BONUS #2: 'Big Picture' Workshop
Your 2nd bonus (also worth $97) is our 23 Building Blocks training.

We studied all our favorite businesses to determine what common ‘best practices’ they were following…

We pinpointed 23 necessary business assets (ranging from products, to marketing to customer support). 

Listen, if you’re not aware of these 23 blocks yet, you shouldn’t waste any time on your business. It’s like driving a car with blinders on!
BONUS #3: Exclusive Facebook Group
For your 3rd bonus, you'll get access to our Exclusive Facebook Group to help you feel supported and get aligned with empowering people.
Dive into this exclusive group to help you stay on track!
We get it...building your business can feel really lonely.

That's why you're going to get access to our community of like-minded Visionary Entrepreneurs.  We're all here to support you on your journey. 

If you feel you've outgrown your friends, and are ready to connect with people who 'get you' and speak your language, you're going to love this group.

It's your time to get aligned with the people you need to be.
These alone are easily worth four times the $297 price we’re asking.
These are only available until the timer hits ZERO:
“Vito and Mike, this all sounds good…but I don’t believe I can find success online! I’ve tried things before.”

This is where the incredible bonuses come in!
Group Coaching Calls
get feedback and reach your biggest potential. ($500 value)
BONUS #1: 2 LIVE Group Coaching Calls so you can have us review your plans and help make them rock-solid!
Stop getting lost in busy work, and doing unnecessary tasks that don’t get you closer to achieving your goals...   

We know firsthand how overwhelming juggling so many tasks can be. It causes you to divide your focus and spin your business out of control. Now is your time to carve a little time out to get things back on track.

To help guarantee you get all the support you deserve, we'll add in 2 LIVE Group Coaching calls so you can solidify your goals, and get motivated to stay on track!
This will help you get insanely confident and purposeful...and have your loved ones stop doubting and discouraging you.

Not sure you can pull any of this off? 

In each call, you'll discover powerful techniques that will skyrocket your confidence and help you realize that yes, you’re meant to do this! 

So kiss your self-doubt, procrastination and self-sabotage to the curb!
Private, 1-on-1 Clarity Call
lock down your vision with a coach (value: $500)

Need someone to dive in and fast track your online business plan?

If you enroll right now, you’ll get a private, one-on-one bonus ‘Clarity Call’ with one of our Visionary Planner® certified coaches.

They’ll roll their sleeves up as they look over your Online Business Blueprint™ worksheet and help you..

   ...overcome any sticking points you may have!

   ...identify a quick path to cash!

   ...and answer any last questions that may be on your mind! boost your confidence and clarity that you can have the blueprint to building an online business!

You get help with all that the minute you enroll today!
"I learned how to outline the content needed for my business"

"I learned how to plan my future better and have more clarity on my tribe. These 7 steps you provide are the things I had no clue on how to do! It’s been very eye opening and exciting.”

“This affected the way I approach any product design for the future and ultimately allow me to create a brand that can impact more people.”

“I’ve been holding myself back, not quite knowing how to put all my thoughts into a comprehensive action plan...the biggest thing I learned is how to organize and prioritize all my thoughts into my vision and mission so I can focus on actions that will move me forward.”

“I’m ready to take my business to the next level and I trust Vito to help guide me in the right direction and give me the kick in the ass that I need to keep moving forward.”

Vito is engaging and candid in is knowledge of the online industry. I believe he understands the trends and systems needed to build a brand that works for me.”

"I feel more confident that what I will be providing is going to be very unique and different from my competitors."
Your Risk-FREE Trial Preview – 60 days!
Use the insider information you get in this training system for the next 60 days… use our step-by-step system to make a plan to get the freedom, income and impact you deserve.  Just say 'maybe' today and try it out before you decide.

If for any reason… or no reason… you feel The Online Business Blueprint™ isn’t everything we say it is (and so much more…) we want you to ask for, and get your money back.
Get Started Now!
You’ll Get:
  •  Daily Training Videos: In-Depth Step-by-Step Videos ($397 value)
  •  Step-by-Step Blueprint: Comprehensive Downloadable Worksheet ($97 value)
  •  Action Boosters: Daily Emails To Keep You Accountable ($47 value)
  •  BONUS #1: 3 Clarity Maps Packed With Advanced Stuff ($97 value)
  •  BONUS #2: 23 Blocks Workshop To Get You Clear On Finding Online Success ($97 value)
  •  BONUS #3: Exclusive Facebook Group So You Can Make New Friends Who Support You (Priceless)
  •  BONUS #4: Group Coaching Calls To Help Reach Your Highest Potential ($500 value)
  •  FAST-ACTION BONUS: Private, 1-on-1 Clarity Call To Lock Down Your Vision With A Coach ($500 value) 
Total Value: $1,735.00
Order Now To Get Instant Access
This training is 100% online so you can go at your own pace.
Yours Today, Just $297
You satisfaction is our #1 priority.
Send us an email at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
You will get our full support when you enroll...

This means you will never be left feeling stuck. You will never be left wondering what to do next.

For this reason…we have to limit the amount of people who have access to The Online Business Blueprint™.

If you’re viewing this right now - there is still time to access the training - however, if you do not take action now - it could very well be gone when you come back to this page again. As they say, ‘the early bird gets the worm.’

Remember thousands of future Visionaries see this page…

So you need to act now to access this proven step-by-step today.
You cannot afford not to take action immediately.
You’ve Got an Important Decision to Make Here
You can ignore this now and think ‘I’ll come back later’. We both know that life will get in the way. So if you do nothing, how will anything in your life ever improve?  We both know it won't.

And we’re guessing if you've read this far, you're not yet getting paid to do what you love.

It may even be causing you a lot of worry in your life and needless stress... or maybe you're even considering tossing in the towel and never making your dreams happen.

So if you’re struggling right now - you will continue to struggle. In fact things will probably get harder, as you'll continue to lose motivation, feel overwhelmed and struggle with making ends meet for you and your loved ones.

The sooner you act, the sooner you can feel a sense of immediate relief.
You can try to piece all this info together on your own.  If you're anything like us, that will take you thousands of hours, and cost tens of thousands of dollars.  If you have the time and money, then go for it!
 This is what we call the 'no-brainer' option.  Here you make life easy and simply scroll down and hit the ‘instant access’ button.  

You'll get immediate access to the 3 Accelerator tools, and the 4 bonuses.  

Plus, it's 100% risk-FREE. If you don't totally love it, or you change your get your full money back. You simply watch the videos, follow the step-by-step instructions and fill out your blueprint. It could not be easier.
Imagine Getting Total Freedom! 
Picture what your life with financial abundance, and time freedom could be like just months from now...

Yes, you too can make a solid plan for success.

It’s time to start feeling excited once again, so you can stop working so hard while not getting ahead.

It’s your time to get the life you and your loved ones deserve, that also impacts the lives of your customers.

Right now you can get clear on what it takes to get online so you can confidently take action to make it happen, and for you discover the step-by-step process we share in this online training program.
If you are ready to get your sanity back so you can be excited about building a ‘freedom machine’…

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Vito La Fata
-Vito La Fata
Head Coach & Co-Creator, The Visionary Planner®
PS. Our time is limited, and since we provide full support for everyone inside The Online Business Blueprint™, we simply don't know how long this offer (with the special discounted pricing) will be available for.

PPS. Please take a few minutes to read the case studies from just a few of our very happy Visionary students…
Watch What Laura Says!
Laura is a cancer she uses the Visionary Planner® to help empower other women to rebuild their lives.  She is making a positive impact in the world...and so will you!
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I get after ordering The Online Business Blueprint™ today?
You will receive full access to the member’s area of The Online Business Blueprint™ today.

You will get:
 • An online member’s area which means you can easily access all of the information at your own pace.
 • A proven step-by-step system to get you results fast.
 • 3 powerful tools to help you feel confident, motivated and clear.
 • Clear instructions with pictures, videos and checklists.
 • Exclusive information from a team of marketing, branding and teaching consultants with years of experience.
 • Ability to submit questions directly to us for answering in the comments section of each page.
 • A private forum where members can discuss getting paid to do what they love, or just chat and connect with like-minded people.
What if I'm not able to complete this in 7 days?
Listen, we totally understand if life gets in the way...

That's why this entire course is designed in simple, step-by-step daily trainings.  

That way if you miss a day, you can easily jump right back in and pick up where you left off.

You see, most courses are packed with too much info.  But if you're anything like us, you are busy, and you want results fast.

That's why this is no fluff - no filler.  Just straight-forward action steps that have been proven to work over and over again.
For what length of time will this program be available?
You're seeing the Fast-Action Bonuses because we want you to get solid results...

Beyond that, we’re not sure how long this program will be open for enrollment.

You see…we provide full support for everyone who enrolls.

So we have to limit the amount of people who can purchase the course.

That means you need to decide fast!

Hit the instant access button below right now and fast-track your ability to get you and your loved ones the lifestyle you dream about.
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