The Visionary Planner
Feeling Stuck As You Build Your Business?
WANT to start an online brand? New Process Reveals…
how to get freedom, impact and reliable income by finally building an online business...
Without dealing with tech, overwhelm and confusion on how to get started today.
Ready to figure out WHAT type of business you want to create?

Then ready to know HOW to build it?

If you’ve been wanting to build a successful online business, but felt clueless as to where to even begin, then you’re going to love the Clear Vision Planner™ and Online Business Blueprint™.
Influencers who are ready to make income and an impact.
Entrepreneurs who want to automate their business.
Anyone who wants freedom, impact and income.
  •  This is for new business owners who want to build an online business. 
  •  This is for people who have a message they want to share with their audience.  
  •  This is for people who want to make money with their expertise.  
  •  This is for people who want to grow and scale a business and make it bigger than just them.  
  •  This is for people who are committed to creating a freedom lifestyle.  
  •  And this is for people who are willing to make an investment in order to accelerate their progress and success. 
If you’ve been struggling with how to get online, and are fearful of being the newbie again (are great at running your current business but scared to start this ‘online thing’), then our proven process will help you get clear on what you need to focus on.

It’s just like having a blueprint and a business plan that keeps you working efficiently towards your goals (making a reliable income online).

Are you:
  •  Stuck in a job that zaps your energy?
  •  Spinning too many plates and feeling burned out?
  •  Working for a boss who doesn’t let you live to your full potential?
  •  Always living paycheck to paycheck, never getting ahead?
  •  Feeling soulless that you’re not doing what you’re meant to do?
  •  Wondering ‘what if?’ and kicking yourself for not getting online now?
And if you’ve been trying to get online, are you:
  •  Wasting money on softwares that aren’t earning you an income?
  •  Chasing shiny objects and hoping for a payday?
  •  Having loved ones question your Entrepreneurial skills?
  •  Staying broke and feeling stressed out and strapped?
  •  Ready to cut through the noise and get a solution that works?
It’s not your fault if you’ve been wondering ‘where do I even start?’…

A few years ago, we were stuck too... 

 We knew that an online business was the best way to achieve a freedom lifestyle (the mythical ‘4 hour work week’). Yet no one told us how to actually build it…

That led us to create The Visionary Planner®. 

 We’re now taught thousands of students, who have paid us millions, to help them make their dreams happen.
2 Weeks To Get Online!
The Clear Vision Planner™ and Online Business Blueprint™ gives you:
  •  Get total clarity on you need to build to have a profitable online business
  •  A full understanding of what you must focus on and why
  •  Total confidence that you have what it takes to succeed
  •  A Step-by-step process to follow so you’re never overwhelmed
  •  A library of tools (worksheets, checklists, templates) to get you online fast
  •  Coaching to get you feedback and assess your business idea (before you waste time, money or energy)
It's all designed to get you clarity on WHAT your business will be, and HOW to build it in 2 weeks.
If you feel like you should stop spinning your wheels...

Just commit to get clear on how to make your business work for you (and create the freedom you deserve).
The Clear Vision Planner is your quick solution to stop feeling lost, and get total clarity on how to take your business to the next level.  You're here for a reason, and you have 30 days to try it out, risk-free!
Or 2 Installments of $57
Simply decide now.  Then click the button.  Fill out the payment form, then you'll get instant access.   If you're not 100% satisfied then ask for a full and prompt return of your investment inside the Learning Portal.
Dear freedom seeker,
Have you been talking about building online courses for too long? But, haven’t started because you’re not sure where to start?

Still saying, “I hate the tech” inside your head so you stay paralyzed? Meanwhile your family wants more of your time to enjoy the memories of life.

Do you know you’re meant for more and can help more people so you can get paid for your expertise in any niche, service or industry?

Have you ever wondered how to find the time to start building online courses that will allow you to generate recurring revenue and build a sustainable business that replaces “job living” and gets you home more?

Are you struggling to get clear on your Vision and what needs to happen so you can start a successful business and no longer feel overwhelmed?

Well, banish these questions!

The blueprint to achieve financial freedom with online courses is here! 

Now you can actually have a business that generates the lifestyle income you and your family deserve.  One that provides security, stability and living life on your terms.

If you’re frustrated, confused and stuck by trying to piece together all the things you need to do in order to build an online business, let alone one course, we are here to help you fast-track your success!

We get it that some of the most nagging questions that keep you awake at night are…
  •  "How will I actually build recurring revenue online?"  
  •  "Where do I start?"  
  •  "What type of business (niche) do I want to build?"  
  •  "What will I sell?"
  •  "How will I look different than everyone else out there?"
  •  "How will I find the time in an already busy schedule?" 
  •  "How can I feel confident I'm doing the right thing?"
  •  "How can I use my talents to improve people's lives?"
  •  "How can I lock down who my ideal client is, and how to attract them?"
  •  "How can I scale and create evergreen and high price point products (without re-inventing the wheel)?"
It doesn’t matter who you are, or what industry you’re in…

You can’t have a wildly successful online business (the type that gives you the financial abundance, impact and financial security you deserve) if you’re not clear on the steps to make it happen.

You see, it’s very easy to dream...  It’s very easy to look at others who have found success and think you can do it too...

It’s also very easy to make excuses why you haven’t started yet, or why you’ve been stuck for so long.
But it’s entirely different to carve out an efficient and effective plan to make your first dollars online... Or finally see the income growing …and motivate yourself to make it all happen.

We have the plan laid out step-by-step.

But might be wondering…

"How do I quickly and effortlessly turn my passions into online courses that can:
  •  Scale my message and expertise so I can reach more people?
  •  Provide recurring revenue from automated marketing and sales systems?
  •  Create more time to be with my family and take advantage of a short life?"
The goal with building an online business is to break free from trading dollars for hours.

I struggled with the same thoughts with limits to my time, my income, my reach and the ability to tap into a life more on my terms back when I worked on Wall Street, Calvin Klein...and then when I began my career as a personal trainer, and even when I was a small business owner with a personal training studio. 

For decades I was trading dollars for hours, invested my life savings and had nothing to show for it (except for stress and an empty feeling inside)!

But, then I got my first course online, started speaking, growing a list and used that as a jump-start to launching an online business using effective, clear-as-day strategies that sped up the process for transitioning my offline services to online.

This was the catalyst for turning my struggling business - being $105,000 in debt, losing my house (from a buyout of my ex-business partner) and being dumped for being “broke as a joke” - to building a 7-figure business on my terms that serves people I love,.. all from a small niche.

Why not you?

If you want to follow a proven plan to launching your first online courses, there are steps.  Unlike most people think, it’s NOT to start with building your online product or course (more on that in a sec...)
-Vito La Fata
Co-Founder, The Visionary Planner
3 steps to get started online...
Before you ever build a course, membership site, done-for-you service, consulting package or high-ticket offer (any information you can sell), you must follow these 3 simple steps...
1) get clear on your online business plan
Smart business owners, have a business plan.

Every business starts there.

Yet, so few people are sure what a business plan online looks like. One course does not make a business...

I got started with one course, but it wasn’t the business yet that let me get out of my studio and build financial and time freedom.  That only changed when I had the full business plan mapped out.

When you have clarity of what your business can look like online, you feel more empowered by the big picture. And then you can see where things start and what you need to do first, second, and third...

If you’re sitting here reading this and you’re not sure where to start... 

Or if you don’t have a clear vision of who you serve, what you are solving in the marketplace and how to attract people to your business, you’re going to get lost in the shuffle and be another copycat business.

If you want clarity on how to put your Vision out there for everyone to see, how to gain customers and attract people as you launch your courses,... then you need the big picture online business plan including...
  •  What an online business looks like.  
  •  How much time will it take each day.  
  •  Who you serve. 
  •  What unique position you can enter the market in. 
  •  What is the best use of your money at each step of the process.  
  •  How do you use social media without broadcasting your whole life.   
  •  How do you create content.  
  •  How do you generate a reliable income.  
  •  What kind of courses and offers make up a high paying brand.
Without getting this right first, you can spend a lot of time, money and effort and still get things wrong.  

We don't want you to make the same foolish mistakes we did as you kick-start your dreams.
2) Get clear on your lifestyle plan
Building and operating an online business is a lot of work! Anyone that tells you different is lying to you. 

You’re going to need to prepare your lifestyle, your schedule, your priorities, and what really matters to you, otherwise, ‘normal life’ will be the obstacle that cuts your dream short every time.

Owning and operating an online business is about having a better life outside the 9-to-5 shackles, or small business struggles, it’s about the freedom lifestyle.

But, NOT taking the time to create the plan for your life before you start building your online business is the #1 reason people give up, get distracted, or hit roadblocks that derail them.

You’ve got to know what steps need to happen for you to feel rewarded, and so that you can hit the goals you set for having an independent online business. 

When you know the proper steps to hit your goals, you can accelerate your results and avoid costly mistakes that can derail your momentum and suck of your money.

I made this mistake when I first got into business and I didn’t build the business to match the lifestyle I wanted.  This mistake caused me to make decisions that led to burnout, near bankruptcy, and lost time.

You can be better equipped than others who skip this step in the business planning process when you possess these insider secrets that only top quality Brands and smart entrepreneurs know about. 
3) get clear on your productivity plan
Let’s be real…the only way you’ll make a dime online is if you have the time to build your business.   

If you don’t carve this time out, your dreams (and freedom) won’t ever help you and your loved ones find financial abundance.

You deserve to be clear on how to leverage your talents to improve people's lives...and live the life you want.  

It's your time to be clear on how other successful people discovered the time to fulfill their purpose so you can follow the same path they did…

... and do the same for your business and life instead of always feeling overwhelmed and like you’re not getting any closer to your dreams. 

It all happens when you make a plan to find the time to do it!

NO CLEAR PLAN LEADS TO staying stuck and overwhelmed...

Here’s A Fact: It takes the average online business owner 3-5 years to see a decent profit online.  


Because they aren’t clear on what they’re jumping into…

Instead of having a clear plan (with goals, metrics and systems), they dive in head first, without a plan. 

And that means they’re doing everything themselves, often in the wrong order, and without any clue if they’re moving in the right direction... they feel like they are never progressing forward!

That’s the dent to your belief that could be avoided.

Instead imagine you have a roadmap in your hands, that was like ‘paint by numbers’ or building ‘legos'...

Imagine what your family will see in you...

Imagine what people will say about you…

When they actually see you build an online business instead of talking about it.

Get ready to transform your life into exactly what you envision it to all starts when you COMMIT!
You want to know a painful truth?

I’ve been there!  I wasted years (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) trying the wrong things, in the wrong order.  

✗ I built websites before I needed to.
✗ I started creating courses and had to redo them.
✗ I invested in software I didn’t need yet.
✗ I bought advanced courses that I could’ve waited on.
✗ I flew all over the country to conferences.
✗ I felt overwhelmed by the constant need to manage a lot of other moving parts in life to pay the bills…

I felt the pressure of my brick and mortar business and how it invaded my personal time and schedule...
...yet I needed that part of my life to shift.

Or I was going to get old and wake up with regret that I never changed my situation, when I had the power to do something about it.

Otherwise my life, would always be about financial stress and the lack of time and lack of location freedom that comes with brick and mortar and trading dollars for hours living.

The thing is...

I knew inside me I had a larger calling and that I wanted to impact more people, have time to build my family, be a present parent, feel pride for making a difference on a larger scale...

And the only way that was going to happen was if I stepped outside the norm of my thinking and built my own thing using this ‘online business opportunity’ to rewrite my history.
You'll use physical blueprints to help map out your Vision for your life and business.
Only way that was going to happen was being an entrepreneur who knows how to write their own check versus accepting a check.

And that meant I needed to know how to create consistent recurring revenue streams that elevated my life so I could have the holy grail of lifestyle- financial, time and location freedom.

Yet, those goals always seemed to be just a ‘myth’.

But… course at a time... email at a time... presentation at a time...

...I started to build my online business, while I still had to manage my studio, so I was managing two businesses.

While I was finding success, the problem was that I didn’t have a system for ever-greening my business so I was doing twice the work and making harder than it had to be.

The big breakthrough was when I was working on my business with Mike L. Murphy (my now business partner in The Visionary Planner®) who brought simple step-by-step systems to the table...
The Visionary Planner is no fluff, no's all tangible 'action steps' so you get fast results.
And we paired those systems with my NO BS style of coaching…

...when we realized we had a process that was simple, almost paint-by-numbers like, and could be duplicated in helping more people get online (and faster then we did), so we mapped it out and it became the Visionary Planner® process.

And that process changed our lives, changed my wife’s life (as we taught her this visionary process to set her free from her job living) and has been helping us teach this system to other people who want to break free and achieve more freedom, income and impact.

The things is this...what we discovered is that...

When getting started building an online business, the first step isn’t building your products…
...Instead of focusing on building the products and how to sell them (all important things to think about), we simply first asked ‘is your vision clear?’.

In other words, we started by defining goals...things like...’Why is someone going to put in all the hard work to build an online business?’.  

We dug deep into roles, priorities, scheduling, skills, how to overcome roadblocks and distractions so we could help people create the undying motivation and ability to do the work to actually design, build and consistently launch their business into success.

Because when you do that, you can chose the amount of money you want to make in your life.

Then you can start mapping out the products and services you need to hit that income.

Not the other way around.

We even discovered that to build an online business you’re going to need to dig into the roles and priorities in your life that matter.  This helps minimize or eliminate the things that would suck up our time and not get you any closer to your dream business.

I had to.

The simple act of defining how I wanted my business to match my lifestyle (not the other way around) powered me to build a 7 figure business, five multiple 6-figure brands and then team up with Mike to bring the Visionary Planner® to you.

“Wait Vito, are you telling me that all I need to do is define my goals and then I’ll be crazy rich??”

Yes…and no.

Defining your goals is one thing.  Taking action to make them a reality is another. Everyone can dream, only you can act.  

And those action taking steps are the foundation for the process we coach in The Visionary Planner® System (but I’m getting ahead of myself).

Start with one step at a time. When you try too many at once is when you get overwhelmed.

Your first step into the VP system is the Clear Vision Planner™.
7 Day Step-by-Step Process Gets You Clear To take your business and dreams to the next level...
It’s a set of action steps that will help you get clear on what type of business model is best for you. 

Then you’ll use Clear Vision Blueprint and Visionbook to stay laser focused on achieving the life you deserve!
Clear Vision Blueprint keeps you focused on creating a freedom lifestyle.
Visionbook helps you ‘see’ what your ideal lifestyle will be to motivate you to work hard!
In 7 days you’ll be able to define WHAT your business will be, and WHAT it will do for you.
Your 7 Day Curriculum:
Day 1: Planner Start Up
  •  How to determine what to do in which order to reach your goals. 
  •  How to use your calendar as a weapon of success, not an excuse against your business.  
  •  Learn how to block time for your highest priorities so you can consistently work on your business instead of in your business. 
Day 2: Discover Your Freedoms
  •  How to build a better business and life.
  •  Why now is the time to stop trading dollars for hours (and what to do instead).  
  •  How to get smart about working on your business so you can finally see real success. 
Day 3: Focus On What Matters
  •  Understand what it takes to survive & thrive in business and how to make consistent progress.
  •  Learn how you can find out what really matters to you in your life and how to fill your life with your passions and strengths.  
  •  The #1 secret to getting paid top dollar in your business. 
Day 4: How To Achieve Your Dream Goals
  •  Understand why perfection has been the enemy of success (and what works so much better).
  •  Determine the actionable steps you need to reach to fulfill your vision and mission.  
  •  Remove the obstacles that are standing in the way of success so you can reach your goals and change your life.  
Day 5: Know Your Audience And Your Needs
  •  Why you need to know your audience and how it will help your business grow. 
  •  How to avoid 80-90% of all competition and lower your cost of acquisition for new clients.  
  •  How to raise your rates and charge top dollar for your products and services. 
Day 6: Your Dream Income Blueprint
  •  How to create streams of income that are not tied to working hours. 
  •  How to make the kind of money that will fuel your business, share your message, and let you serve more people.  
  •  Understand why you need to plan out your business income (and how to do it effectively).  
Day 7: Make It Happen
  •  Connect the work you’ve done over the past 6 days to make sure you can focus on exactly what you need to do to go make it happen. 
  •  Boil down everything you figured out into this planner so you can start taking the right actions immediately.  
  •  Learn how to dedicate to taking action, no matter what obstacles you encounter each day.  
Bonus: Vision & Mission Statements
  •  How to create clear vision and mission statements to keep you and your business moving forward. 
  •  A Values Worksheet to help you create a brand that gives your audience an amazing experience, every time they interact with you.  
  •  A Vision & Mission Statement Worksheet to help you write out your statements and keep them front of mind. 
The value is $497, and on this page only it’s a whopping 65% off.
7 Day Step-by-Step Process Gets You started getting online...
It’s a set of action steps that will help you get clear on HOW to build your ideal online business. This will help you see the ‘big picture’ of what you’re creating, and then be clear on how to get started.

You’ll do these 8 Action Steps:
1. Find Your Audience
Who will you sell stuff your courses & offers to?
2. Pinpoint Problems
What problems will they pay to have solved?
3. Structure Problems
How can you walk them through solving problems?
4. Define Offers
What offers align with each major problem?
5. Get Clear Branding
How will your brand attract an Audience?
6. Social Strategy
What social sites are your Audience using?
7. Plan Your Site
How can you plan your site to sell your stuff?
8. Automate Selling
How can you automate followups & selling?
Ready to work less hours, find more time to relax and travel, find more time to read and learn, help your loved ones launch their personal visions and make money while doing it?

If so, it's your time to create a more fulfilling, impactful, purposeful and profitable online brand!
The value is $497, and on this page only it’s a whopping 65% off.
This sells for $297, and you get it as a FREE Bonus for taking action today!
In order to help you understand all the major systems needed to make money online, you get these 3 powerful MINI-COURSES:
Discover the essential elements you need to build a brand that attracts your ideal Audience, and makes you proud!
($97 Value)
Use our simple blueprint to plan a site that will make you money, grow and nurture leads and looks gorgeous.
($97 Value)
Stop feeling overwhelmed about how to create content and share your message.  Feel confident and make sales!
($97 Value)
If you’re sick of the hype (launch an ebook to make a ga-zillion dollars) and want a realistic system to follow (no fluff, no BS), then these 2 brand new coaching programs are for you.

If you’ve felt like you’re running a marathon but can’t see the finish line then you need this. 

It’s your plan to help you avoid feeling burned out, agitated, full of self-doubt and grumpy. You’ll no longer waste money on conferences, softwares or courses that hype you up, but never see you accomplish anything.

It’s impossible to build a business if you have no idea what you’re creating.  

You deserve to get paid for making an impact, your family deserves to have you around more, your Audience deserves to hear your message! 

Together we can make the change in the world that is needed! Are you with us?

In fact, here is what student's are saying about their experience inside the program...
1) Get Online And Make An Impact
Join our growing community of Visionary entrepreneurs ready to make a positive impact on the world!

Let's be real...You probably have so many ideas and dreams. What's your plan to take action on those?  

Don't you agree that having a clear roadmap, and mentor to guide you, would be priceless?

How about defining new lines of online business revenue that will dramatically take your income to the next level? 

As soon as you enroll, you'll get exclusive stepping stones on how to put your vision into realistic goals and then into simple actions.  

Can you really afford to make mistakes that eat up your money, energy and time?

Are you...
  •  Spinning your wheels, feeling like you don’t have direction or focus for your business? 
  •  Struggling with incorporating all your roles and demands into your busy schedule?
  •  Organizing your plans to focus on what brings traction and forward progress in the limited amount of time you have?
  •  Ready to focus your efforts and quit feeling like you're hanging on by a thread... or working too hard for a tiny little reward?
  •  Ready to cut through your procrastination and fear so you can confidently take more action?
  •  Overwhelmed with all the info out there and feel it's hard to pick apart what to focus on first?
If any of those apply to you, how much would you invest to solve that immediately?

In fact, in order to make this as tangible as possible, we'll coach you towards focusing on these 3 big ideas...
We believe in taking massive action!  So this training is no fluff, all content.  You'll watch the bite-size videos to get clear on what each day's simple objective is.
You'll use the deluxe worksheet* so all your thoughts are organized, and get clear on what your business needs to accomplish to give you the lifestyle you want.
Finally, you'll create a checklist of all the goals you want to hit, and define the action steps to quickly make them happen.  This is the 'secret sauce' that gets you results.
*See our bonuses for additional ways you'll get clear on your goals, and get feedback to help make accomplishing them as efficient as possible.
This online training course is everything you need to get clear on how to start your business online, or stack more revenue onto the one you've got.   

You'll discover strategies that will move your business into the future versus working hard just to keep up...  

You'll define who your Audience is, how to stand apart from the crowd, how to work efficiently and how to attract a large Audience that buys your products and services.

You'll learn simple strategies to step into leadership so you can make a difference while getting more freedom to live life on your terms. 
“Vito and Mike, this all sounds good…but I don’t believe I can find success online! I’ve tried things before.”

This is where the incredible bonuses come in!
Group Coaching Calls
get feedback and reach your biggest potential. ($500 value)
BONUS #1: 2 LIVE Group Coaching Calls so you can have us review your plans and help make them rock-solid!
Stop getting lost in busy work, and doing unnecessary tasks that don’t get you closer to achieving your goals...   

We know firsthand how overwhelming juggling so many tasks can be. It causes you to divide your focus and spin your business out of control. Now is your time to carve a little time out to get things back on track.

To help guarantee you get all the support you deserve, we'll add in 2 LIVE Group Coaching calls so you can solidify your goals, and get motivated to stay on track!
Private, 1-on-1 Clarity Call
lock down your vision with a coach (value: $500)

Need someone to dive in and fast track your online business plan?

If you enroll right now, you’ll get a private, one-on-one bonus ‘Clarity Call’ with one of our Visionary Planner® certified coaches.

They’ll roll their sleeves up as they look over your Clear Vision Planner™ worksheet and help you..

   ...overcome any sticking points you may have!

   ...identify a quick path to cash!

   ...and answer any last questions that may be on your mind! boost your confidence and clarity that you can have the blueprint to building an online business!

You get help with all that the minute you enroll today!
Grab your $1000 worth of bonuses by clicking the button below.
HERE's what recent graduates said:
"I learned how to plan my future better and have more clarity on my tribe. These 7 steps you provide are the things I had no clue on how to do! It’s been very eye opening and exciting.”

“I finally feel like I can reach for more of the 5 freedoms in my life and know what to do to work towards them. It will have a huge effect on my income which will help alleviate stress in my life.”

“CVP affected the way I approach any product design for the future and ultimately allow me to create a brand that can impact more people.”

“I’ve been holding myself back, not quite knowing how to put all my thoughts into a comprehensive action plan...the biggest thing I learned is how to organize and prioritize all my thoughts into my vision and mission so I can focus on actions that will move me forward.”

“I’m ready to take my business to the next level and I trust Vito to help guide me in the right direction and give me the kick in the ass that I need to keep moving forward.”

Vito is engaging and candid in is knowledge of the online industry. I believe he understands the trends and systems needed to build a brand that works for me.”
  •  If you're sick and tired of the daily grind and trading dollars for hours...
  •  If you are ready to get online in the quickest and most efficient way…to create freedom inducing recurring revenue...
  •  If you dream of financial abundance and time independence but isn’t sure how to even begin...
  •  If you want to diversify and expand their offline or brick and mortar business by having online revenue streams...
  •  If you want action steps on how to make money online...
  •  If you want clarity on what your business needs to do for you...
  •  If you’re attempting to build your business, but feel stuck...
  •  If you’re trying to scale your business up, and can’t find the time...
  •  If you want to give your loved ones the lifestyle they deserve...
  •  If you’re sick and tired of not living your full potential...
  •  If you want clear steps to building an automated, recurring revenue machine...
  •  If you want a starting point, so you can figure out what your goals actually are, and the steps to achieve them, then this is for you!
Bottom Line:  This is the exact system we return to each and every year to keep us focused and on point.  It’s all too easy to get sidetracked in life and in business.  Sometimes you simply need to stop and assess where you’ve been and where you want to go to.
This isn’t for you if you want to ‘get rich quick’ or don’t truly care about making a positive impact in the world.

It’s also not for you if you want to be a slave to your boss and job, and never want to reach your full potential.

It’s also not for you if you don’t want to scale your offline business by building online products and courses to give yourself more time and financial freedom.

And finally, it’s not for you if you’re going to enroll but never take action.  

We only want Visionaries who are serious about living life to its fullest!
As soon as you click the PINK button below to enroll, you'll get:
  •  Online Business Blueprint™ ($297 Retail Price) If you’re not quite sure that you have what it takes to build a profitable online business, we’ll help you blast through your roadblocks!
  •  Dream Income Blueprint™ ($97 value) This worksheet and ‘Vision Board’ will guide you towards setting clear, and realistic goals that your online business will help you hit and help you identify the online revenue streams that can 10x your income. 
  •  Dream Niche Planner™ ($97 value) This mini-course will help you lock down what ‘niche’ is best for you. The niches are in the riches you just need to know which one. So if you’re unsure of what type of business to head into, this is sure to get you on track!
  •  Private Facebook Group (Priceless) Jump inside this group to feel support from your fellow Visionaries, and Coaches! You’ll be just one screen away from getting the clarity and camaraderie you deserve. We have daily posts that help you engage the online content so social learning is increased and feedback is provided. 
Bonus recap:
  •  Bonus #1: Clear Vision Planner™ ($297 retail price) Our exclusive 7 Day Coaching System that helps you get clear on your action steps to build an online ‘recurring revenue machine’.
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  •  Bonus #2: 2 Group Coaching Calls ($500 value) As a Clear Vision Planner Member, you’ll get 2 Mastermind calls with Vito. These calls with help keep you on track, and fired up!
  •  Bonus #3: Private One-On-One Clarity Call ($500 value) You’ll be able to have a private, and confidential session with one of our VP Coaches. They’ll answer your questions, help overcome any mental roadblocks and get you crystal clear on your next steps to build your recurring revenue machine.
TOTAL VALUE: $1,788.00!
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“The 7-day planner has already helped me big time with getting sh*t done! I feel like I have direction for a change, and I’m not just doing things here and there, hoping I’ll move forward.”

-Bryant Edwards 

"I’m getting more ‘unstuck’..."

“The lesson brought me closer to what my niche truly is, and I’m getting more ‘unstuck’ with what is making me different from the next in helping them.”

-Denyse Barrett-Flynn

"be more of a CEO instead of a hobbyist..."

“I’m not surprised with the lesson that stuck with me the most. Time management is a real issue for me. In order for me to build anything or grow, I must get my schedule in place and be more of a CEO instead of a hobbyist.”

-Melissa Goldberg

"exactly what I needed..."

“Both of these lessons will help me excel with growth. Really, all seven days have been exactly what I needed. Thanks so much, Vito La Fata! I’m so happy I joined this group.” 

-Kelly Scott

"so many ah-ha moments..."

“I’ve had so many ah-ha moments, and I’ve realized my biggest blocker is ME.”

-Susan Cain Lucy

"so happy I found this training..."

“Really has me thinking about what I really want for my life and my family life, as well as my business. I am so happy I found this training.”

-Maryke Meyer

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“Sometimes we get off track due to life struggles, and it’s so easy to get lost. I LOVED the daily calendar to keep my ass on a schedule!”

-Jenny Grass D’Agostino

"really clarified my dream business..."

“Day four on achieving your dream goals really clarified my dream business. And then breaking it down to the top three goals and action steps really helped.”

-Debra Blom Millegan

"loved this training program..."

"I loved this training program so much! It was so well organized and I learned so much about how to take my business to the next level. Thanks again!"

-Reena Vokoun
This system is the single biggest breakthrough I made in my life…

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