The Visionary Planner
Expert, Coach, Speaker, Author, Service Professional, Artist?
The Visionary Planner
Expert, Coach, Speaker, Author, Service Professional, Artist?
Step-By-Step 'DOne-with-you' COurse creation, MARKETING, BRANDING & BUSINESS BUILDING:
Find out exactly what we'll help you create for your online business...
Use The Same System We Used To Build and Launch Multiple 6 Figure Businesses
All following our step-by-step ‘course creation All-Access’ System.
Above are the 4 Phases of the Visionary Planner System. 

As a VIP Client, we'll strategize what Phase to start you in, and then go step-by-step to build a business that gives you the impact, income and freedom you're after.

Scroll down to see what gets accomplished in each Phase.
If you feel like you should stop spinning your wheels...

Just commit to get clear on how to make your business work for you (and create the freedom you deserve).
Here's a Personal Offer that Expires in...
Join our brand new, step-by-step Fast-Track system (includes coaching and community) where you can build multiple streams of income…simply by taking action today.
Phase #1: Define Your Vision
You’ve probably been promised that building a successful and sustainable online business is easy…

Only to find it’s not.

The Online Business Blueprint™ and Clear Vision Planner™ get you clear on what you’re about to create BEFORE you waste time, energy and money moving in the wrong direction.
The Clear Vision Planner™ gets you clear on the lifestyle you deserve.
Online Business Blueprint™ gets you clear on how to get online fast.
STEP #1 - Create Your ‘Lifestyle’ Plan
The Clear Vision Planner™ (retail price: $497.00)
Let’s be honest…building a successful online business is a LOT of work. 

 And if you’re not clear on a few things it’s going to be near impossible to complete all the necessary steps…

Those steps include mapping out your unique vision for your life. How much money does your business need to generate so you have the lifestyle you deserve? How many hours do you want to work? Where do you want to work? What type of clients do you want to work with?

And most importantly, what is your schedule and time-frame to commit to building your business (it won’t magically build itself)?

This is where the The Clear Vision Planner™ will help you make all your dreams a reality.
  •  Picks Your Niche And Who You Want To Work With
  •  Frees Your Time Up So You Can Build Your Dreams
  •  Plans Your Ideal Lifestyle, and Goals To Achieve It
  •  Helps Eliminate Stress, Time-Sucks and Overwhelm
STEP #2 - Create Your Business Plan
Online Business Blueprint™ (retail price: $397.00)
We see so many entrepreneurs get excited about an idea and start taking action…

The problem is they only see one small sliver of the entire ‘machine’ they need to build. This leads to them getting burned out, running out of investment money and second guessing their abilities. 

 In this step, you’ll use the Online Business Blueprint™ to get total clarity on what you need to create, the right order to build it in and what time-sucks to avoid.
  •  Gets You Clear On Exact Steps To Build A Successful Business
  •  Generates A Business Plan You Can Stick To
  •  Answers Your Top Questions About Finding Success Online
  •  Defines Your Audience, How You’ll Help Them and What To Sell
  •  Wrap Up With Total Clarity On What You’re About To Build
Phase #2: Verify Your Vision
Once you’re crystal clear on what you’re building, it’s time to scope out your industry and see what’s working...and what’s not.

You see, so many entrepreneurs never take the time to see how they can improve what’s already working in the marketplace. So they take a risk and it rarely pays off.

As a Visionary, you won't make those silly mistakes when you tap into the Audience Attraction Planner™ and Brand Clarity Planner™.
Audience Attraction Planner
Audience Attraction Planner™ gets you clear on who you'll sell to.
Brand Clarity Planner
Brand Clarity Planner™ gets you a Brand that looks professional.
Step #1 - Define Your Audience
Audience Attraction Planner™ (retail price: $997.00)
The Audience Attraction Planner™ locks down who your Audience is, gets you a plan to attract them online and builds a ‘Focus Group’ product and marketing funnel. In no time flat you’ll verify your Vision.

You’ll be strategic and efficient. Even better? You’ll have a blast!
  •  Maps Out Your Strategy To Attract Your Audience
  •  Master Your Marketplace and Strategize Social Media
  •  Lock Down Your Brand Story and Personal Message
  •  Create a 22 Minute 'TED' Style Talk That Shares Your Message and Your 'Formula' For Getting Others Results
  •  Step-by-Step System To Easily Present Your 22 Minute Talk and Grow Your List
  •  Dial In Your Niche So You Can Have Total Clarity
STEP #2: Business Foundation
New to starting up a business? This bonus will walk you through how to set up your legal business entity, get a bank account and be ready to process online payments.

We don’t want you to be held back when it comes time to launch your ideal business!
  •  Get a Legal Business Entity so You Can Start Your Vision Up
  •  Understand the Real Expense of Starting up a Business (We’ll Help Keep Your Costs as Low as Can Be)
  •  Get a Bank and Merchant Account so You Can Process Online Orders
Step #3: Design Your Brand
Brand Clarity Planner™ (retail price: $997.00)
In order to launch a sustainable business, you must create a brand that your Audience is drawn to.

Here you’ll use the Brand Clarity Planner™ to map out your business name, logo, colors, fonts and brand emotions.
  •  Locks Down Your Name, Logo, Colors & Fonts
  •  Makes Your Brand Look Like a Million Bucks (Without Spending It)
  •  Gets You A Brand You’re Proud To Share With Others
Step #4: Launch Your Vision
Visionary Focus Group Offer™ System (retail price: $1,497.00)
Once you’re clear on what your Vision is, and how you’ll attract your Audience, it’s time to launch your Visionary Focus Group Offer™. This is a crazy simple membership offer to build and market.  

Even better, it’ll bring cash in and give you a ‘focus group’ of excited customers who will give you feedback as you build the rest of your online business.

The #1 mistake we see entrepreneurs make is they wait way too long to offer something for sale. You won’t make that mistake when you follow the Visionary Planner system!
  •  Launch a Visionary Focus Group Offer™ to Bring In Cash
  •  Get Feedback On Your Vision and Have Customers ‘Co-Create’ It With You
  •  A Sales Automation System That Generates 10-15 Sales Daily
  •  A Marketing Funnel System That Grows Your List Each Month
  •  Proven Signup Page Template That Converts 67% of Visitors into Email Subscribers
  •  BONUS: High-Ticket Coaching Strategy System to Upsell Buyers Into $2,000+ Offers
Visionary Publishing System™ (Value $1,997)
Throughout your experience with the Visionary Planner®, you'll get fill-in-the-blanks templates, 'cue cards' and Visionary Publishing System™ so you're always supplying your Audience (and marketing channels) with fresh, relevant content your Audience loves!

This helps position you as a true though leader in your industry, and to grow your list.

Even better, we'll start you out nice and easy, with topics that share your personal story and struggle (this gets your Audience to know, like and trust you).  

As you advance into the program, you'll start to craft educational content that strategically sells your offers.
  •  Use the Visionary Publishing System™ To Easily Share Your Message
  •  Never Again Worry About Gaps In Your Marketing
  •  Be Everywhere Your Audience Wants You To Be
  •  Capture The Attention And Hearts Of Your Ideal Customer
Phase 3: Build Your Vision
After you’ve launched your Visionary Focus Group Offer™ it’s time to build your offers, marketing and community.

This will help you get financial freedom, make an impact and get the lifestyle you and your loved ones deserve.
Online Business Fast-Track™ Part 1 (RETAIL $1,997)
Grow A List
Create a product
Make Money
Fast-track Part 1: Gateway Planner
Fast-Track™ Part 1: Gateway Planner builds your brand's foundation.
First, you’ll tap into the systems contained within the Online Business Fast-Track™ Part 1. Part 1 will have you focus on 3 simple goals...  

We've broken these 3 main goals into 9 quick and easy activities. They're all elegant to build thanks to our step-by-step systems and Coaching Team to save you time and keep you accountable...

1) Growing your Email Marketing List includes Social Media, Content and a free thing to give-away. When you have a list of people to email you control the cashflow into your online business!  

2) Creating A 'Gateway' Product helps you have something to sell (and bring money in as you move people up to your higher paying offers, and get you the lifestyle and freedom you're wanting).  This includes having a product, emails to sell that product and videos to promote it.
3) Making Money involves sharing your message with the world!  Here you'll setup an automated process to sell your product (a sales funnel), a website to educate about your business and ads to spread the word.
This flowchart shows you what you'll create in the Fast-Track.  We've done all the planning, strategy and tech research so you only have to focus on the fun stuff!
We Build It All For You, Step-By-Step...
Check out everything the Fast-Track Part 1 will co-create with you using our fill-in-the-blanks worksheets, templates and checklists:
Above is an example from a Visionary Planner student's brand they created using this exact system and coaching program.
This is the minimal amount of work you need to do in order to grow a list, create a product and sell it as quickly as possible. 

No wasted more overwhelm!

Below are examples of what all of these elements look like finished. 

[Thanks for the lovely Anna Renderer for letting us use these examples that she created right here inside the Visionary Planner®!]
We’ll have a live kickoff call (we’ll use Zoom) where we do roll call and give you a preview map of what you’re about to build so you can see how the whole summer will unfold.
The examples below are from one of our 1st Visionary Students, the lovely Anna Renderer.
STEP #1: Audience Analysis, Content & Publishing Calendar
($497.00 Value)
Our systems help you pinpoint who your Audience is, what problems they’ll gladly pay to have you solve and then you’ll create content that is verified to hook their interests. 

This helps you spread your message and build your list of prospects eager to buy your stuff. 
Imagine never again making content that no one wants, or wasting time trying to attract the wrong type of Audience?

Nothing makes you doubt your Vision more than not being to get anyone interested in buying your amazing products and services.
  •  Plan Your Audience out so You Attract the Right Customer
  •  Determine How to Easily Approach Them
  •  Develop 12 Content Pieces for Social Media and Your Blog
  •  Create a Publishing Calendar so You Can Consistently Share Your Message
($497.00 Value)
Your new VP Systems help you pinpoint what social media channels are the best for your message, how to become a leader to your Audience , how to strategically link your social media channels up so they achieve your marketing goals and give you a simple strategy to grow your marketing list.

This helps you conserve your time and only do actions that get measurable results. So stop worrying about wasting all your time on social media, or starting conversations that no one wants.  We'll help you get total clarity on your best social strategy!
  •  Establish Your Brand On Top Social Media Channels
  •  Create Consistent Branding & Strategy So You Grow Your Business With Ease
  •  Use Proven Methods To Save You Time On Social Media
STEP #3: Free Treat™ Creation
($497.00 Value)
This VP system takes the mystery out of what free sample of your business you can use to entice your Audience to give you their email. Once you have their email you can market to them, nurture the relationship and generate income.  

This system helps you to build a Free Treat™ that is sure to deliver amazing signup rates, and that will educate your Audience and get them excited to buy your courses, products and services!
  •  Use Our Simple System To Create A Free Treat™
  •  Grow Your List and Get Amazing Signup Rates
  •  Educate Your Prospects About Your Brand
  •  Nurture Your Leads The Right Way
STEP #4: Visionary Gateway Offer™ Creation
($497.00 Value)
You can’t make money if you’ve got nothing to sell. Most Visionaries over-think product creation…which becomes a massive roadblock that impedes their dreams.  

Instead, you’ll get a step-by-step blueprint and fill-in-the-blanks template to build an effective Visionary Gateway Offer™. This gets your list to convert to buyers and helps them solve a common problem. This is where you finally have a profitable business!

Imagine finally having a product that establishes your expertise, generates revenue and delivers awesome value…all by following a simple step-by-step product creation template!
  •  Create A Robust 'Gateway' Product In Just A Few Days
  •  Strategically Designed To Up-sell Your Other Offers 
  •  Build A Strong Customer Bond So They Know, Like & Trust You
  •  Positions You as a Thought Leader In Your Industry
  •  Helps Generate Revenue To Fund The Creation Of Your Business
  •  Strategically Designed To Sell Your Other Offers, Like High-Ticket Coaching
STEP #5: COMPLETE Automated Marketing Funnel Asset Creation
($497.00 Value)
Once you’ve built your Free Treat™ and Visionary Gateway Offer™, it’s time to build out your marketing funnel…

Your new VP systems will give you video scripts, fill-in-the-blank email templates, page text and handout blueprints so you can build an effective marketing funnel without any stress or overwhelm.

Never again feel frustrated and stuck because of how complex things are…we’ve made it crazy simple and our ‘tech build’ videos and checklists show you exactly how to set things up yourself (or outsource to someone else). 

When you have a marketing funnel you’re able to stop trading time for dollars, and finally get paid what you’re really worth.
  •  Templates, Checklists and Blueprints Create an Effective Marketing Funnel
  •  Proven System Automates Your Marketing and Sales Process
  •  Story-telling Keeps You From Being a ‘Pushy Sales Person’
  •  Create Emails, Pages, Surveys and More!
($497.00 Value)
These days, if you want to be a tremendous success online you must embrace video and become a ‘niche’ celebrity.

You’ll get video scripts for each and every video you’re going to need. 

These include product, marketing funnel, ads, social media, site welcomes and email marketing system videos. 

Never again wonder what videos you’ll need, what to say in each video, how to properly film your videos, where each video plugs into or how to perform on camera. We’ll coach you on everything. 

 You’re going to love making videos and forming a lasting bond with your Audience.
  •  Video Scripts Tell You Exactly What To Say 
  •  Strategically Tells Your Story and Sell Your Visionary Gateway Offer™
  •  Step-by-Step Instructions To Film, Perform and Edit Your Videos
  •  Build a Strong Bond With Viewers as You Shine On-Screen!
  •  Eliminates Stage-Fright and ‘What To Say’ Fears
STEP #7: Automated Audience Path™ ‘Funnel’ Build 
($497.00 Value)
If you want to have the freedom you deserve, you must automate your business. That means you’ll be able to use technology to repeat systems that would be impossible to manually operate. 

The #1 system to automate is your marketing. 

This is where you build a series of emails, videos and pages that do the selling for you (an Audience Path™). So you can make an income even if you’re on the beach sipping a Pina colada. 

Is tech a major roadblock that usually stops you cold? 

Never fear! You’ll get step-by-step instructional over-the-shoulder videos that show you exactly what to open, push and save.

And if you want help, you can easily upgrade to have our team build everything for you, so you can focus on being creative and outsource the stuff you don’t love to do.
  •  No More Tech Overwhelm…We Show You Step-By-Step What To Create
  •  Outsource Systems If You Want To Free Your Time Up
  •  Build An Interactive Marketing System That Engages Your Prospects
  •  Automated Emails Do The Selling For You…No More Manual Labor!
STEP #8: Visionary Website Formula™ 
($997.00 Value)
Most Entrepreneurs think that having a website is the same as having an online business. 

But Visionaries know that a website is only necessary after they have something to sell, tons of content and a clear vision of how that site will help achieve their marketing goals.

Your new Visionary Site will do 3 important things...

    1) Grow Your Marketing List 
    2) Convert Visitors to Sales 
    3) Build and Nurture Relationships

You’ll get a complete website planning system…so you never have to worry about lacking a strategy, clear branding or making sales.

Our step-by-step template will get you a gorgeous site in just a few hours…without having to hire expensive branding consultants, website programmers or designers. 
  •  Fill-in-the-Blanks Website Template Gets All the Graphics and Text You’ll Need 
  •  Step-By-Step Production System Helps Build Your Site In Hours
  •  No Annoying Tech…You’ll Use the World’s Easiest Site Building App (not included in your Visionary Planner® investment costs)
  •  Get A Gorgeous Site You're Proud To Refer Prospects To
STEP #9: Ad Creation & Spreading Your Message 
($997.00 Value)
After you’ve built all the other elements, it’s time to launch and get the word out!

Here you’ll use our templates and step-by-step ad setup and optimization training to kick-off an ad campaign to drive prospects into your automated marketing funnel.

You’ll feel empowered to take your marketing into your own hands as we demystify ads and how to make them profitable!
  •  Done-For-You Ad Templates Include Text and Video Scripts
  •  Step-by-Step Instructions Set Your Ads Up For You
  •  Content Publishing System Gets Your Content Everywhere It Needs To Be
  •  Weekly ‘Episode’ Emails Keep Your List Engaged And Buying Your Stuff!
Online Business Fast-Track™ 
Part 2 (RETAIL $2,997)
For the final steps of building your Vision, you’ll tap into the systems contained within the Online Business Fast-Track™ Part 2: Profits Planner.  Here you'll build out 2 more offers...
Fast-Track Part 2: Profits Planner
Fast-Track 2: Profits Planner™ builds consistent and reliable income.
Everything you'll build in Fast-Track 1 will help you create a solid foundation.  In Part 2 you'll stack onto that...

Just like building blocks, you'll merge your Focus Group Offer™ with a unique Visionary Vault™ Offer (membership site) to help you generate reoccurring income.  

You'll also launch your signature  or flagship Visionary Offer™.  This is the main offer your business is known for and that gets your clients results, and up-sells to your High-Ticket offers.
STEP #1: CREATE Visionary Vault™ (Membership site) Offer
($1997.00 Value)
Earlier you kick-started your Vision with your Focus Group Offer™...  

That let you get some cash flowing in, while having your customers (we call them Guests) help co-create your Brand by telling you what they want.  Now it's time to take it to the next level!

Here you'll be crazy strategic by mapping out your weekly content (we call these Episodes) so it can become a book. Then you'll start to record each week's Episode so you can promote your Brand.  What makes this strategy ingenious is that you'll also create handouts...checklists, cheatsheets, action guides and bonus content (each of these becomes a new Free Treat™).  

All of these extras get placed inside your Focus Group Offer™ which transforms into your Visionary Vault™ Offer.  It's the easiest way to accomplish 2 major goals at once...share your message and create a 2nd offer.

You'll even get our Authority Summit System™ that helps you build relationships with the top thought leaders in your niche, and have them create free content you can use!

Imagine how great you'll feel when you are consistently promoting your brand and making reoccurring income!  It all happens here.
  •  Complete Blueprint Builds Your Membership Site Offer
  •  Leverage Your Content Publishing To Save You Time
  •  Grow Your List With Multiple Free Treats™
  •  Build a Robust Community That You Can Market To Over, and Over
  •  Step-by-Step Tech Setup Instructions So This is Fun To Create
  •  Authority Summit System™ Builds Industry Relationships And Gets You Free Content
STEP #2: CREATE Visionary Vault™ MARKETING 
($1997.00 Value)
After you've built your Visionary Vault™, you'll get step-by-step instructions, blueprints and checklists to create multiple marketing funnels to sell your membership offer on Autopilot.

This helps you build your authority, and lead your Audience.  You'll get the latest 'what's working now' marketing strategies for selling membership like a pro!
  •  Done-For-You Ad Templates Include Text and Video Scripts
  •  Step-by-Step Instructions Set Your Ads Up For You
  •  Upsell, Launch and Mini-Course Sales Funnels Help You Generate Income Fast!
($1997.00 Value)
Your Visionary Offer™ is your signature offer.  This is the main thing your Brand will be known for.  You will leverage this structure to create a book, high-ticket offers like retreats, done-for-you services and one-on-one consulting.

This offer is typically $500-$2000, so it'll be a major profit accelerator for your new brand and Vision!  Instead of manually teaching your Guests this system, you'll have it all locked down and automated inside a private learning portal.

In this Step you'll tap into your pre-existing list (all the people who have bought your Gateway Offer™, Focus Group Offer™ and Visionary Vault™).  They'll verify your concept for your Visionary Offer by paying for it in advance. 

Even better, they'll co-create it with you so you build the exact offer your Audience is wishing for.  
  •  Done-For-You Launch Templates Include Text and Video Scripts
  •  Step-by-Step Instructions Set Your Launch Marketing For You
  •  Operational Manual and Checklist Make Launching A Breeze
($1997.00 Value)
After you’ve pre-launched your Visionary Offer™, and verified your Audience will gladly pay you for it, it's time to review your feedback and make the final version...

In the last step you were testing ideas out, and getting critical feedback.  Here you'll lock it all down to record final versions, and build out final handouts.  You'll also be able to use the Case Studies to prove that your Visionary Offer™ gets solid results!

You'll get all the templates, checklists and tools you need to build your Visionary Offer fast!
  •  Step-by-Step Instructions To Build A Slick Offer
  •  Complete System Plans Main Content and Bonuses
  •  Learning Portal Creation Templates Build Your Offer In No Time Flat
($1997.00 Value)
Once your Visionary Offer™ is complete, it's time to build the marketing out to promote it.

You'll get step-by-step templates to build a webinar and 'mini-course' launch sequence.  

You'll also get systems to form a 'syndicate' with other industry leaders so you can massively grow awareness in your marketplace.

You'll even get a checklist for listing your offers in affiliate marketplaces so other marketers will promote you at no cost.
  •  Fill-in-the-Blanks Automated Webinar Presentation
  •  Complete Automated Webinar Marketing System
  •  Fill-in-the-Blanks 'Mini-Course' Launch Sequence
  •  Complete Mini-Course' Launch Marketing System
  •  Done-For-You Ad Templates Include Text and Video Scripts
  •  Step-by-Step Instructions Set Your Ads Up For You
  •  Syndicate System Massively Grows Your Brand's Authority
  •  Affiliate Marketplace Checklist Gets Others Excited To Promote You
($1997.00 Value)
Here you'll leverage your Visionary Offer™ Structure to engineer high-ticket offers (ranging from $3000-$200,000).

This is where true wealth and freedom comes from.  And it's all possible after you've complete all the other steps to build your authority, and automate how you serve others.

Here you'll get blueprints to map out Live Events, Retreats, Done-for-You Services. Keynote Speeches and One-on-One Private Coaching.

As a 'graduation' bonus, you'll get our Visionary Book System™ that takes all your content production and transforms it into a lead-generating, and authority building book!  At this point you will have done all the hard work of creating the content...this system simply packages it all up and gets you on Amazon and Apple.
  •  Blueprints Map Out Your Live Events, Retreats, Done-for-You Services. Keynote Speeches, Immersion Experiences and One-on-One Private Coaching
  •  Visionary Book System™ Packages All Your Content Into an Authority Building Book
  •  Marketing Templates Help Sell Your High-Ticket Offers
Activity #7: Plan Your Signature Product
Have a signature product that needs a little love? Or have nothing at all? You’ll get a slick blueprint that is sure to help you craft a flagship offer that online shoppers would be silly to resist!
($997.00 Value)
This summer, you’ll take massive action to: 
  •  Solidify your social media sites and sprinkle them with content your audience actually wants. 
  •  Create a mini-funnel complete with a free thing to give away, automated email follow up messages and low priced offer so you can have some money for marshmallows to roast.
  •  Finally, you’ll create a simple product so you have something amazing to offer your new crowd of followers!
You'll complete Activities over 'Workshop Weekends'
You'll Have A Fully Functioning, Robust Brand!
When you have our Team and Coaches guide you through this comprehensive system, you'll finally have built a business that gives you predictable, and consistent income on autopilot.  

You'll shift to Phase 4: Education & Entertainment.  This is where you focus your efforts on 4 things:
  1) Optimizing your Marketing - This helps you earn more while spending less.
  2) Running Ads - This helps you promote your business and share your message
  3) Create Content - You will keep engaging with your Audience and keeping them interested.
  4) Customer Fulfillment - You will continue to work with clients to make sure they get value from their purchases.

This is all easy ONCE you have all the necessary Building Blocks created, and in the right order!
How Exactly Will You Pull This Off In no Time flat?
You'll block out time each week to take action and go step-by-step towards building your dreams the right way!
Tech freak you out? We'll show you exactly what to do all in one simple software. Step-by-step videos will make building your business easy.
Not sure what to write? No worries! You'll get easy fill-in-the-blanks templates that you can add your own unique voice to.
Every other weekend our Camp Counselors will be on hand to help you successfully complete your activities.  This way you can pick and choose which ones you want to focus on.  You can aim for completing one, or being all-in and doing them all!

It’s everything you need to have a successful online business PLUS step-by-step instructions, full access to ‘camp counselors’ who have built multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses and full support of all the other chipper campers who will have your back.

And it’s all only possible if you sign up now!

Hurry, spots are limited so your Camp Counselors can give you the attention you deserve. Once we’re full, we’re full. 

Also, we only want serious campers!
Keep in mind that top guru classes that tell you the WHAT and WHY (but never the HOW) of these topics cost $497 each…  

You get the equivalent of 7 of those!  

That's a real world value of $3,479.
  •  We linked all the different business building assets together so you're never confused!
  •  Give you clear step-by-step instructions on how to build each thing (including answering all your tech questions)
  •  Have ‘Workshop Weekends' where you will literally take action, be held accountable and build your business once and for all!
Hurry, spots are extremely limited so all campers get the 1-on-1 support they deserve.  
You have 30 days to try it out, risk-free!
Simply decide now.  Then click the button.  Fill out the payment form, then you'll get instant access.   If you're not 100% satisfied then ask for a full and prompt return of your investment inside the Learning Portal.
ENROLL Now To Get Instant Access
Hurry, every minute counts. It's your time to make an impact and get predictable & consistent income!
You have 30 days to try it out, risk-free! 
One-Time Payment
Pay In Full: $4,997 
Get Lifetime Access To The Program & 12 Months Of Coaching Calls
Monthly Payments
Just $297 each Month
Rent It Monthly.  Cancel Anytime.
Simply decide now.  Then click the button for the payment option you like.  Fill out the payment form, then you'll get instant access.   If you're not 100% satisfied then ask for a full and prompt return of your investment inside the Learning Portal.
Your 3 steps to SUMMER FUN...
HERE's what recent graduates said:
"I learned how to plan my future better and have more clarity on my tribe. These 7 steps you provide are the things I had no clue on how to do! It’s been very eye opening and exciting.”

“I finally feel like I can reach for more of the 5 freedoms in my life and know what to do to work towards them. It will have a huge effect on my income which will help alleviate stress in my life.”

“CVP affected the way I approach any product design for the future and ultimately allow me to create a brand that can impact more people.”

“I’ve been holding myself back, not quite knowing how to put all my thoughts into a comprehensive action plan...the biggest thing I learned is how to organize and prioritize all my thoughts into my vision and mission so I can focus on actions that will move me forward.”

“I’m ready to take my business to the next level and I trust Vito to help guide me in the right direction and give me the kick in the ass that I need to keep moving forward.”

Vito is engaging and candid in is knowledge of the online industry. I believe he understands the trends and systems needed to build a brand that works for me.”
Discover the essential elements you need to build a brand that attracts your ideal Audience, and makes you proud!
Use our simple blueprint to plan a site that will make you money, grow and nurture leads and looks gorgeous.
Stop feeling overwhelmed about how to create content and share your message.  Feel confident and make sales!
Here's a glimpse of how students (just like you) are reacting Inside the Learning Portal...
Deluxe Masterclass reveals How to feel confident on camera and create awesome content ($1,997 value)
Freaked out to step into your spotlight?

We'll reveal some Hollywood acting tips to make sure you shine on camera and feel authentic in your voice.

Even better, we'll tell you what video and audio gear to buy, how to set it all up and how to edit your videos so you can attract a massive following and create world-class video based products...

Imagine never again feeling nervous or doubting your ability to attract an audience and inspire them to change their lives!

It's all possible when you have these valuable strategies and exercises that you can only get here in Business Building Summer Camp!
YOUR step-by-step tactical map of where You're going...
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  •  Step-by-step Worksheets so you can get serious about your business instead of treating it like a hobby. (Priceless)
  •  Over-the-Shoulder Tech Videos walk you step-by-step to build all your assets. (Priceless)
  •  Complete Visionary Planner® System so you get consistent and reliable income. ($23,937.00 retail)    
  •  BONUS #1: Private FB Group so you can get the social support you need to build your dreams! ($2,000 Value)
  •  BONUS #2: VP Workshop Weekends™ so you can carve time out to build your creations. ($2,000 Value)
  •  BONUS #3: Weekly Office Hours to help you check in with us and answer all your questions. ($2,000 Value)
  •  BONUS #4: 2 Tuition Waivers To Live Event so you dive deep into how to teach, and how to perform. ($4,000 Value) 
  •  BONUS #5: 2 Visionary Group Coaching Calls each month so you can have us hold you accountable to crush it. ($5,000 Value) 
TOTAL VALUE: $37,937.00!
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